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by Angie
(Pinnacle, NC USA)

Hello! I am so glad I found this site a couple of days ago.

The art on here is really amazing and inspiring. I started drawing a couple of months ago. I wanted to draw my own designs to paint on old purses and discovered how much I like to draw. It is so stress relieving!

I am mostly interested in winged creatures like butterflies, fairies and dragons. I envy their freedom....I hope to soon get up enough courage to post some of my drawings.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Angie,
Thank you for introducing yourself. I totally agree with you that drawing relieves stress but I believe it also introduces us to a new world. We learn to see things differently through an artist's eye and we meet like-minded people going through the same challenge of expressing our thoughts on paper.

You are in the right place here, we are all self-taught and proudly so!

I really look forward to seeing some of your drawings now that we have "met". There is no pressure for you to do that though, just whenever you are ready.

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