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Animals and insects

by jessica




I got these pictures form how to draw books but i can never follow the steps, i always just draw the final product.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Jessica
These are great! The bunny is my definite favorite but you've done such a lovely job of all 3.

Added comments:

thanx kerry
by: jessica

the rabbit is my favourite 2. :)

by: Michael Betz

Hey Jessica....I am the same way with those how to draw books...I can't get where they get using the same steps....I have to just look at the picture and draw it......but you have done a great job. I am not sure which one is my fav...

by: jessica

thanx. the steps just dont make sense. but i guess for some people it does.

by: Lilly Antoneavic
Dear Jesica,

Just enjoy your art..

Books are good, but all you have to do is practice, it does not matter how drawings come out, just do it..

Do it from photos, pictures, look at other artists interpretaion of Rabbits, do it from real bunnies and above all Enjoy what you are doing..

I always have a small Sketch Book with me when I am out and about just in case I need to jot and sketch something for later..

Of course you can always take the digital camera..

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