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Annie Belle

by Sue Bledsoe

Annie Drawing

Annie Drawing

Annie Drawing
Annie Photo

Annie is my other cat. She and Boots are the same age (I rescued them the same day but they are not litter mates.) They were both tiny and precious.

Annie grew to be a fat cat. Loving and sweet. Did I mention curious? She has gotten herself into some pickles.

I am also attaching the reference photo I used.

I mostly used a #2 mechanical pencil with a charcoal pencil for shading. The white part is hard to depict because there are shadows there but when you look at her in cat, she is pure white on the white part. Uh, yeah. I think that's what I meant.

This one was not as hard as Boots, but I spent a lot of time piddling it. However, I think those piddles helped.


Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
You are such a character, I really love reading your stories!

When I look at your drawing of Annie, I think she looks ever so cute. I appreciate that you include the reference photo too, it is so interesting to see your creation from a mere photo.

I know you are focusing on drawing more than sketching now, but I have to say I miss your sketches! I remember how much I just loved your sketch of Taffy. It is a great example of freedom of expression, right there. (Never mind me though, you have to do what is in your heart!)

Edited to add comments:

very nice
by: Sergio Garcia

Hi Sue, just want to say I love your drawing of Annie Belle, you did a great job, drawing animals is a little hard for me I don't know why, I have some animals drawings but it takes more time for me then faces, you keep drawing my friend and remember practice is the key to master your skills don't forget that, Sue with so much honor I give 5***** God bless.

I am honored
by: Sue from Tennessee

Sergio, you are so sweet. I find the more I draw the more I want to. I am about to put a couple more on this site.

by: Michael Betz
This cat is just too cute!! I love that expression on her face.. ...nice work capturing that moment...

My Sweetie
by: Sue from Tennessee
Thank you Michael. I am so glad to see that you are back. Annie is my sweetie. She loves to have her belly rubbed and throws herself down in front of me all the time for that "aaahhh" moment.
I am in the process of working my way through a ballet calendar and some of those ought to be up soon. I will be interested in your comments

Dear Kerry, Thank you again. I am not really clear on the differences between sketching and drawing (at least in my creations), but I just keep plugging away, Intellectually, I know the difference, but fundamentally I just try to draw what I see.

The next one I have sent in (the football player) I think is truly a sketch. I did it in less than an hour (although Megan asked me how LONG it took to get my gray hairs colored--she has always been a smart ____) wonder where she got that.
Thanks again.
Love Sue

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