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Nov 05, 2010
thx for the update
by: Kerry

Hi Lauren
I so appreciate you explaining your thoughts behind the creation -- I had thought that but usually what I think and what the artist intends are generally 2 different things. However, that's the beauty of art, imo.

You are correct in everything you say, my family is ultra precious to me! xx

Nov 05, 2010
Thanks for noticing:)
by: Lauren

the heart was ment to have little arms:) u guys r very detailed. Its ment to symbolize the huge impact love can have on a person, just as simple as yur family, and how, if she was real, how she could be powerful in her own way.
Its a little heart, with a body. A person, to show how much it can effect people, how much our world revolves around it, and how she can hold it comfortably in her hand. u people may not understand, but as long as the artist does its ok:P
To a reg. person it would seems lke shes just summoning a little heart out of mist since thats her area of power.
thanks guys

Nov 04, 2010
The heart
by: Kerry

Hi Marty
Yes, maybe Lauren can tell us a bit more about it but it looks like there's a little body under the heart, the arms are very distinct.

Nov 04, 2010
by: Marty

Hello Lauren:

I really love your art style.

Would someone please look at the heart Lauren is talking about and look at the bottom of it and see what is attached to it.

Please look close and tell me what you see. It looks like the heart is the head to something else.

Does anyone else see anything here?



Nov 03, 2010
I agree
by: Michael Betz

I have to agree with Kerry. I really appreciate your's very whimsical, almost mythological looking. I love your whispy shading. Excellent job...I too am a huge fan of I for one will be watching for your future works with great anticipation!!

Nov 03, 2010
by: Cindy

Lauren...WOW! Beautiful!

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