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Barney Boy

by Cindy

This is a drawing I did about 12yrs ago of my beloved dog "Barney Boy". He was the most lovable, sweet tempered dog! We loved him very much! He WAS a true member of our family!

Barney lived to the ripe old age of 16 human yrs. That means he was 112yrs old in doggy years. The vet always told us he lived to that age because he was well loved and didn't want to leave us! We finally had to put him down about 8yrs ago. It was a very sad day for us but we have very fond memories to carry with us.

It was me, my husband and the vet when the day came and Barney went peacefully...we were all crying our eyes out. I'm so glad I did this's my tribute to my "Barney Boy"!

I've attached a real picture of him sitting in his favorite place. His end of the couch! As you can see, he's right at home! haha! His favorite things in life were long walks, kids, table scraps and marshmallows!
PS: drawn with colored pencils and charcoal.
Your friend,

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Cindy
I love dogs too, I can feel your heartbreak the day you had to say goodbye. We only did that once, I can't do it again so we haven't had pets since.

Did Barney have golden eyes? I hesitate to ask if you are thinking about darkening the pupils? It's a great drawing and I know any little change can ruin it so I understand if you don't want to touch it. It's obvious you've done a great job of copying the photo. Thanks for sharing your family member with us, Cindy.

Added comments:

by: Marty
Hello Cindy:
Cindy you done a great jpb on your drawing of Barney.
You know pets love unconditionally, and they become a very great part in our daily lives.
I love my dog and when I'm sick she stays by me all the time. Our pets know a lot more than we give them credit for.
And if you pay close attention to them they will let you know about the weather, inpending upcoming tragic events and etc.
The also know just where to kissy, kissy.
So my friend Cindy I love your drawing of your best friend here.
Thanks for sharing your pet with us

by: Sue from Tennessee
My sympathies
Barney Boy is lovely and loved. I can sympathize with you because we lost our Taffy last summer. She was also 16. Within 6 months my 16 year old chihuahua and my 17 year old cat died. I'm sure they missed Taffy so much that they had to go be with her. The are all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
Dogs, cats and horses are all I can draw I guess because those are my passions.

by: Cindy
Kerry on pupils
Hi Kerry, this drawing is so old I think it had faded the darkness in his eyes. The flash I used when I took the picture made his eyes come out golden too. They should be darker but not as dark as his hair. Maybe I'll touch it up a little.
Good eye girl!

by: Cindy
To Marty
You're absolutely right Marty. One of the reasons why I'm partial to dogs! They do love you unconditionally and they are acutely aware of their surroundings and they definitely get "vibes" from people. They know a good person from a bad person if you know what I mean! After all you do know that dog spelled backward is "God"! They have been protectors of mankind for eons! I have a real problem with any person who mistreats any animal especially dogs! I understand some peoples fear of them. Mostly because they probably had a bad experience when they were young but overall dogs are "mans best friend"!
Thanks Marty, I'm glad you like my picture!

by: Cindy
To Sue
Thank you Sue for your kind words! It's been long enough now that the pain is gone and good memories reside! I've seen the picture of Taffy and what a beautiful little doggie he was...such a sweet little face! You just want to smooch him! I'm sure you feel the same way about him that I did about my Barney Boy! They enriched our lives so much! Your pets lived long too! Well loved as my vet use to say!! I'm glad you like my drawing too! I checked out yours too and I must say you have a talent for drawing animals! Their personalities came across in the drawings! Well done, all of them!! Can't wait to see more!

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