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Sep 21, 2010
Captain Stan and Mary
by: rachel

Hey Marty, I love your skill. Maybe having your head in the clouds isn't such a bad thing. Anyway, I really love this and I'm glad to see more of Captain Stan, this drawing is really special.

Sep 20, 2010
Captain Stan and Mary
by: Marty

You all are oh so kind.

The way I draw many times is, I will be watching TV or doing something when the idea of a drawing comes into my mind.

Now I believe this is the secret to some of my drawings. Whe the idea comes into my mind for a drawing I never put it off. Just as quick as the idea came to me is how quick I pick up my pencil and start drawing. I don't wait for another time I draw while the idea is fresh on my mind.

Of course my wife Sue always tells me I have my head in the clouds all the time and maybe that may be the secret. What do you think?

I believe that if an idea for a drawing or a hobby or anything along those lines if we would do them as soon as they are still fresh in our minds then I believe we will have a great outcome, picture and or drawing.

I Thank You Kerry, Cindy and Michael for your kindness and wonderful words. Allthe artist have really blessed my life because of the kind words.

It is a blessing when we can be oh so kind to others because when we do this we are getting our mind off ourself.

Thank You all


Sep 19, 2010
by: Michael Betz

I agree with the Ladies Marty. Having the ability to grab a pencial and draw what comes to your mind is a great that not everyone posseses....nurture that talent Marty....never loose it!!

Sep 19, 2010
Capt'n Stan and Mary
by: Cindy

Marty, your spontaneous abiltiy to grab a pencil and start drawing is admirable!! Something I'm still working on!! I have a tendency to over think everything! You've captured the time period look very well! Great job Marty!
Your friend,

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