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Cat and Dog Drawings

by michelle Chambers
(london On Canada)




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Drawing #1 - Teenie
This is a drawing of Teenie. She had to be put down last month and is a dear friend's cat. She was 19 years old.

I used 2b 4b extra black and a black prismacolour pencil. I used a tortillon and kneaded eraser as well.

Drawing #2 - Husky
I found this dog picture online.

I used 2b 3b h2 and hb graphite pencils. I used a tortillon to blend and kneaded eraser to highlight. It was drawn on 80lb paper.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Michelle
Your drawings are awesome! I'd love to know if you feel proud of yourself as you look at your work? Please don't take your talent for granted, you do such brilliant artwork. I will never forget you are self-taught, you motivate me, thank you!

Re the drawing of Teenie:
If you have given this to Teenie's family, I am sure they will treasure this drawing forever! It is very life-like and I love it. To lose a loved cat after 19 years is a very big deal and I feel for them.

Re the Husky drawing:
This is also a beautiful dog drawing. I really like the way you have framed the drawing within a circle. Is that a trick of photography or did you actually work that effect in with pencil? Looks fantastic!

Great work Michelle, I'm so happy to see you coming back and showing us what you've been creating, thank you!

Comments for Cat and Dog Drawings

Oct 24, 2011
thanks by: michelle

thanks to all for your compliments and yes teenie is in a gorgeous frame hanging over the fireplace in their home

Oct 24, 2011
Sad - by: Michael Betz

19 years, wow, what an incredible loss. when it is time for me to loose my beloved Cocoa, man, I can not even imagine what that will be like. She has become such an integeal part of my daily life over the last 6 years.
But enough of that thought. I like your drawings...of course the cat is my fav of these two, great job Michelle. I sure hope your friend loved the drawing.

Oct 19, 2011
Wow by: Sue from Tennessee

Hi Michelle, I know I shouldn't compare but I can't help seeing how beautiful your cat is. I lost my 17 year old Willie last spring and I can sympathize with your friend. My heart goes out to all who lose beloved pets, but just remember, they are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love Sue

Oct 19, 2011
drawings by: michelle

Hi Kerry the shadow around my pics is a photography spotlight I liked how it looked thought I would give it a try. My thought was it took the starkenss of the white paper out.

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