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by rachel

The emotional eye

The emotional eye

The emotional eye
Still Life

Two of these pictures show conflict in someway, whether physical or internal, and mean a lot to me.

The eye is viewing conflict, so this one can have a different interpretation to each person, whatever is close to their heart.

The one with the hand coming out of the mouth, is how other people can affect you and be a part of you. Someone can be inside you trying to escape, I know this was a little graphic way of getting it out but it made sense to me at the time, I use art as a way of getting out my anger and other emotions.

I hope you like these 2, they kind of mean a lot to me and this is the first time that I came back on here since getting some bad comments so fingers crossed...

Still Life
When I was in hospital I started drawing a lot more, I picked a leaf from a holly bush in the grounds and tried to draw it with different materials.

The top one is done in pencil, the second one in ink, the third in watercolours and the last one in wax crayon.

I know they aren't that great but it was more of an experiment which I quite enjoyed.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Rachel
I realize these drawings are very meaningful to you and I do my best to keep unpleasant comments off the site. There are some unhappy people around and they love to share their misery for some reason. I beg that you ignore those comments - they don't last long on here anyway and there is no second chance once they are banned -- if that's any small consolation.

Your portrait drawing skills are evident in the 2 drawings and you really need to give yourself credit because you do them without reference and that's a big deal!

You may notice that 2 of your drawings are missing, due to the rules that need to be followed by all. Sorry about that but I hope you understand.

I was really happy to see you enjoyed the experiment with drawing the leaves. I really like that one and I could almost feel the sense of fun that you had while creating them. That was a great exercise for you to do, good thinking! It's a little hard to clearly see the top and bottom leaves but the 2 that are visible look fantastic - nice and vibrant.

The reason I have added your "Still Life" to this page is due to new website rules where pages have to contain minimum 300 words. Yes, it's true! I have the extra work now of merging older pages by guest artists and trying to comply with that rule. Not fun :( ... Anyway, that's nothing for you to worry about, I'm just having a grumble!

I'm sorry for taking so long to upload your artwork, hope you forgive me.

Added comments:

by: rachel
That's okay Kerry, thank you for the comments, it always means a lot from you because I know how much you love your artwork :)

by: Michael Betz
Rach, first have such a sweet loving of the many things I love about you. Second, you can't please don't try, you'll drive yourself insane all for the pleasure of others.
If someone likes my work...great....if they don't...oh's not gonna stop me from drawing. Even if nobody but myself liked my work, I would still do it.
Oh, and I also feel compelled to comment on one of these individually....your leaves. Rachel....those leaves are awesome!! Still life just may be your ya xoxo

by: rachel
Thanks Michael, love you <3 I think that's why I came back on here, I love drawing and my artwork more than anything and I do it for me and no one else, if someone else likes it then its just an added bonus. The haters don't bother me anymore, that's just one persons opinion and I'm fine with that. Thanks for helping me realise that, I still remember your email about getting back on here, thanks :-)

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