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Lazy Day Boy

by Cindy

I did this drawing about 30yrs ago... if I remember correctly, it is a famous artists rendering that I copied in charcoal pencil. I honestly can't remember the actual title of it so I named it Lazy Day Boy.

I'll do a little more research to see if I can come up with the artist title and let Kerry know so she can change it.

I liked it because it had simple lines but lots of feeling! Boy! It seems like eons ago when I did this!
Your friend,

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Cindy,
I really like this drawing. It's wonderful that you have had art as part of your life for so long. Yep, chalk this one up as one of my favorites!

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Young Girl

by burger
(south africa)

Young girl

Young girl

I am what they call s "doodler", I can't finish a phone call without scribbling a note page full. I wonder is doodling not a form of art?
Now i tried my hand at something bigger hence the "young girl" drawing.
The highlights were done by a stiff eraser....hope you like it.

Note from Kerry:

Gee Burger, this is fantastic! I really like the effect you have created.
Doodling is a form of art, that is true.

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Fishing alone

by Lynn Kelly
(Portsmouth United Kingdom)

Fishing alone

Fishing alone

I drew this from memory while having a quiet day in the shop. It took some tweaking after a friend helped me on the size of the man compared to the boat. He would have been very small indeed if I hadn't changed it.
I wasn't into lighthouses so much then so this one is free of them.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Lynn
You have done a brilliant job to draw this from memory! That is what we all aspire to and it's great to see what can be achieved once we get brave enough to try it.
Perspective is always tricky, even when we have something to copy from so, again, great job by you!
I like your drawing very much, thanks for sharing.

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by John Nolen
(N.S.W, Australia)



Again, something I found on the internet, but it was still fun to draw!

I think that I would feel so relaxed up there, perfect place to draw....

I used a HB pencil and a 2B pencil for the shading.

I used a cd case as a ruler (As I could not find one..haha)

And a black felt tip pen for outlining.

I am beginning to really love shading...

***Note from Kerry:

Hi John
A good artist uses any tool that is nearby! I think that's why I do a lot of pen drawings, a pen is within easy reach most of the time. It's great to know you are enjoying shading, it shows your drawings are evolving. I like your drawing, too!

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For Behaviour

by Dinesh Khatri
(Jaipur,Rajasthan, India)



Put on this type of Behaviour our life. This was legend person. After seeing the Swami Vivekananda photos we all feel pride.

***Note from Kerry:
It's a great drawing too, Dinesh! The turban is fantastic - with so few lines you have it perfect.

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by keesha
(united kingdom)

I draw for a reason, because it helps me relax and share my feelings through my work.

***Note from Kerry:
That's right Keesha, drawing is another form of communication and I see you can do it perfectly! Great drawing!

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Pencil sketching

by Parth
(Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

For Education and nature

For Education and nature

This sketch shows the girls and women go to the school, college to improve her self. She makes the education ambiance.

This sketch shows the Nature of environment. And finally, this sketch is to improve the Education.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Parth
Your sketch is very good and it captures what you intended. I am drawn to sketches, they have great appeal.

p.s. Are you also known as 'Dinesh'? (Similar sketch style)

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