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Your Fantasy Drawings

Here is a delightful collection of your fantasy drawings which you so generously shared here over the last couple of years.

Alien Drawing

Are you now searching for new ideas about drawing fantasy? If so, you will likely find artwork here that will make your mouth drop open with awe! The scope of creatures and features depicted is nothing short of inspirational.

Click to view all the artwork from guest artists or just scroll towards the bottom of the page.

According to Wikipedia, fantasy art is home to supernatural or magical themes and all things fictional. Artists are free to create a fantasy landscape along with creatures of their own making.

Mythical characters like fairies and dragons are quite common in the fantasy art world.

What is fanart?

Fanart is the terminology for artwork by amateur artists who go on to create characters and scenes from fantasy literature.

The majority of artists here are self taught artists. These are individuals without formal training but you should see their creations!

Fantasy drawings allow us to draw without being fussy because the topic is one of mystery -- the artist is the creator and they have the freedom to design anything to the best of their ability.

No comparisons can be made so who can say whether it is good or bad artwork?

Unfortunately, the opportunity to send in new drawings is no longer available and I am sorry for any inconvenience.

On the upside, you are very welcome to share your work on the All About Drawings Facebook page.

Orchid Fairies

You'll discover that a good number of artists have a wonderful imagination along with incredible pencil skills.

The stories that come with the fantasy art can help aspiring artists find something within them that they didn't know existed beforehand.

That is what sharing is all about and that is why I encourage so many people to start drawing.

It is a shame if anyone misses out on the whole experience that drawing and learning to draw can provide.

For an example, this is a drawing by Atita from Indonesia.

Atita displays amazing creative talent because the idea for this fantasy drawing was born while she gazed at her Mother's orchid.

You will find this drawing and other similar ones by visiting Fairies, Angels and Fantasy Beings.

I would like to thank all participating artists here, we have had a lot of fun together and the feedback was so encouraging.

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Your Drawings From Fantasy Land

Click below to see drawings from everyone...

Drawing A Boy 
Here is a boy with lots n lots of dreams n hopes in his eyes. He dreams of happiness, fame, name and loads of money... He always tries to get happiness …

Tree Fairy Drawing 
Hello! It's been a while since i've uploaded a drawing, but i've made some and this is one of them. When i look at this drawing, i always think …

Angel and Elf Drawings 
I found this picture online and just had to try this angel drawing. I've now started to draw lots more since a few lovely comments on other drawings, …

Fantasy Characters 
This is a scene from a dream i had. I was lost in a big forest with old trees and with a mysterious aura. It didn't take long to find a little glade. There …

Mars Monsters 
My boy, Prashanth (8 years), drew this using oil pastels. It has colorful rocks in planet Mars behind which 2 monsters pose for him to draw. …

Fantasy Girl Drawings 
For this pencil drawing I used a photograph for reference (pose only) Used pencils: F, HB, B2 and B6(background) Thanks for looking. ***Note …

Dragons and Fairies 
An ethereal beast at the best of times, the Dragon abides in the courtyard of the Royal Castle and frightens and enchants in equal measure..usually by …

Intricate Fantasy Artwork 
This drawing was done on 12x19 white linen with a Prismacolor PC935 Black pencil. It took about 20hrs to draw, no eraser touched this drawing. The …

Fantasy Drawings of Angels 
I simply love to draw angels. They are more of a thing to draw just to pass time, because they are not much of a challenge for me. Hope you like it …

Drawing Dragons and Fantasy 
This is what I consider a traditional Dragon. Or euro, whatever you prefer to call it. ***Note from Kerry: Hi John, Dragons can be so fascinating to …

Creative Imaginations 
It's a devil wearing wings, he knows he is a demon, but he wants to be someone else, he can't change who he is, but he can try to be better, that symbolizes …

Drawings of Fantasy 
In this piece, i tried to portray an angel who has given up her heavenly role after falling in love with life as we know it and painfully sacrificed her …

Drawing With Imagination 
In this drawing i felt that i am this girl who has thinking of hope in her life the hope for comfort life the hope for real love the hope for her …

Fairies, Angels and Fantasy Beings 
I love to draw fairies ^_^ they never fail me. I drew this one before I drew the "Tribute To Pavement." I imagine the "pure" land as fertile and …

Drawing Fantasy Artwork 
I know this site is for drawings but I wanted to share my latest painting Frankensteins monster acrylic over canvas panel. Done on Jan.2009 ***Note …

Demons and Dragons 
This is a dragon's eye. I was sleeping, my dream was that this dragon was haunting me and so, I cut his eye. (that's the white mark in the drawing) …

Drawing Fantasy 
I thought about mysterious feelings in a heart. I found a picture and took the idea from it but I added the rest. Which is can not be seen that's …

All About Fantasy 
Here is another one of my drawings. This one was made on request of the children at work. They used to be all into "Star Wars", but things change. "Lord …

The Essence of Aletheia 
This is a drawing that i have worked on, and re-worked for a couple of weeks and today i finished it! I am so pleased with the result. It is everything …

Fanciful Fairy Drawings 
Miss Orange is thinking "I wonder who would like these flowers? They smell lovely." ***Note from Kerry: Teresa, I can see your unique style peeking …

Skull Drawings 
Here is another skull I did early on. I don't do these as much as I used to but I will if requested. ***Note from Kerry: I think this is great, …

Fantasy Animal Drawings 
I sent in an equine picture some time ago, and "anonymous" asked for more as they liked all things equine. So, here you go anonymous! It's just a pencil …

Fantasy Dragon Drawings 
This dragon was born a fighter, bears many scars, and has battled and killed many foes, but he never came out without a scar wound or broken bone. Born …

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