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Aug 22, 2010
Hoggie's Ole Barn
by: Barton

Hi Marty.
I just love your drawing of Hoggie's Old Barn. and the story is very interesting. I wonder if the buss driver and 9 kids might be in a big pond close by. Looking foword to more comments on this story.
I really enjoy old Barns. I took some pictures of an old Barn on my back from Yosemite the other day. Im going to download it and try to draw it.
Hopefully I can do a good job on it and send it in.

Best wishes.

Aug 21, 2010
interesting life......
by: Michael Betz

I am game Marty to go check out the farm.....but not on a stormy night. I am a desert boy, I don't do well in the I would love to start paranormal investigations. But those people sure do need a bit of start-up capital....hehe. And Kerry......interesting is an understatement. I may only be in my early 40's, but like I have always said.....I've lived a lifetime by the time I was 30, and another lifetime in the last 13 years with my wife. You have no idea......But, hey, it's all that history that makes me the person I am today.

Aug 21, 2010
by: Deanna

This was great and the story to go with it amazing

Aug 20, 2010
a question
by: Kerry

Michael, --- jail??? Man, you sure have had an interesting life, to say the least!!

Marty, -- buk, buk, buk. That's my chicken noise. It might be true that I am a fair dinkum scarety pants!!

Aug 20, 2010
Hoggie's Ole Barn
by: rachel

Please tell more of the story, I want to know what happens. I love the barn, it just keeps getting better the more I look at it :) Great picture Marty

Aug 20, 2010
by: Marty

Hi, Everyone:

Thank You Kerry, Cindy and Michael.

However I will tell you something that maymake your blood curl. The story of old Hoggie Martin , his wife the bus driver and the kids is an Urban Legend and is based upon a true story. And it is still talked about today.

High schoo; kids still go around old Hoggies hog farm late a night on the weekends and they all come back telling strangs tales of things they saw and eeerrrrrieeeeee happingsevenon the old road in front of the house and barn. Bet the only way you can see the old house and barn is you have to sneek in if you can without being caught.

How about it do any of you have the nerve to go with me out there some cool windy and stormy night?????

If ya wanna know more about the story just let me know that is if ya not a scarety pants.



Aug 20, 2010
Now I'm perplexed!
by: Cindy

Now I'm not sure where the driver and kids are...I'm perplexed. Guess I'll have to wait and find out huh?! The drawings work really well with your story Marty! Lends with the unkeptness of the characters! Great work!
Your friend,

Aug 20, 2010
by: Michael Betz

I love this drawing Marty! I always have liked drawings of buildings. I even like to draw a house or building now and then. I once started a Route 66 Collection...drawing old landmarks along Route 66, but the drawings I had done so far....seem to have vanished....along with all the envelopes I drew my wife when I was in jail. But nicely done......I like it!!

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