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Sep 10, 2010
Hoggie's SlaughterHouse
by: rachel

Hey Marty, I love the slaughter house. I think that it is better than you think it is.
I am excited about this site, I think it's brilliant. I haven't told anyone about it though, you guys are the only ones that get to see my art. I'm not brave enough to show anyone else lol.
Marty, you are real great.

Sep 09, 2010
Slaughterhouse drawings...
by: Bea Elliott

If anyone is interested in an authentic portrayal of a slaughterhouse - Check out the work of Sue Coe:

A horrifying reality isn't it? Thankfully we can do fine on a plant based diet... After all who wants to contribute to such needless suffering?

Sep 07, 2010
Hoggie's Slaughterhouse
by: Marty

Hello Everyone:


I didn't even know that Hoggie had a Slaughterhouse. And from what I hear the police checked out everything on the farm. However there was some places that was so dirty and muddy that it couldn't be checked very good. Back in that time they didn't have the equipment to check things out like they do today.

However becayse of this building the police is keeping close watch on Hoggis and the farm. From what I hear the young boy is now an aduld and it is he that is running the farm now. And from what I hear Hoggie Jr. Isn't all there and has some problems with people.

I will keep you posted as I learn more.

And from what I hear the police will never find any bones but they may find some mummified bodies if they only knew where to look.

So Kerry, Michael you all don't have to worry about the Bacon and etc. I heard it was under a different name back then. When I learn more I'll post it.

This has been leaked out by an unknown person.

I think this person may know more but their not talking any more.



Sep 06, 2010
:) + :(
by: Kerry

Thanks Michael and Marty, shucks.

Michael, gruesome thought about the product coming from that farm. yewww.

Sep 06, 2010
by: Michael Betz

Oh believe me...I am excited about Kerry's web-site! I have I think close to 45 drawings posted now....maybe more. I have also told a couple of my closest friends on imvu about this site. They don't draw, but they can at least come check out our drawings. And, trust me...I will tell more poeple about it, as the right person, moment and subject arises.....I am here to stay. Barring any unforseen natural disasters.....I will keep posting, and drawing.
And as for Hoggie's Slaughterhouse....I don't think I will be buying any Hoggie Farms bacon or sausage anytime soon.......

Sep 06, 2010
Hoggie's Slaughterhouse
by: Marty

Hello Kerry and Gang:

To all you story loves one Kerry's great website.

I am just trying to get you all excited about this great website that Kerry keeps up for you and I.

I believe if all of us would just get excited and start drawing more and telling everyone you can about Kerry's website then " by golly " we could make this website # 1 on art or drawing website's.

You know important people does visit thie website every once in awhile!

Plus I would love it if anyone that wants to just draw what you think the Hoggie's old and new Slaughterhouse would look like.

I love what comes from artist creative mine, so please just start drawing and let us see your creative skills.

That includes you also Kerry as I loved your drawing on Hoggie and Claire's old house. It was like so real.

So eveyone please take ACTION and get involved. You will love yourself later for it!



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