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by Jubi Girijan

Hellooo....Everyone....I'm jubi...a simple girl from Kerala (India), the God's own country.

Here my home town is in Cochin, the Queen of Arabian sea...Have You ever been to Cochin?? If try to visit this place...You will definitely love her natural beauty with lots of coconut boats...sea food..traditional dance drama like Kadhakali...etc....

I'm 24years with my parents...i have an elder sis...she is married...and i have 2 friends at home, a doggy and a kitty..I love pets...

I'm going with my studies...doing my research in English Language and Literature..i'm concentrating mainly on Ecofeminism.

I like reading, listening to music and other craft works like candle making, flower making etc.

..but more than all these i love Drawing..I just Love it..When an idea...a theme...comes to my mind i can't stop myself to paint it on my canvas..i consider it as a blessing from the God..

I Love Rainbow...a colourful the great poet, the God almighty...a rare but a beautiful sight... important thing ...It's a great pleasure to be here...with the all about drawing group...u all are great artists and at the same time...very encouraging too...u all are my friends...

And Kerry You R doing a great job...Keep going...Wish You all the Best....

Thank You

Glass Painting:

by: jubi

Hello everyone...Are u interested in Glass Painting??? Yes??? Ok...Then I will give you some easy steps....

1.Take a Glass piece of any shape..square or rectangle...
2.Clean the Glass using soap and allow it to dry..
3.Take the design you want to can first draw this design on a paper first..then place the glass over the design.. colour kit will provide you glass colours and an glass copy the design with this glass outliner..leave it for 1 or two dry..
5. if you face any trouble with using this outliner you can use a glass marker pen...with this pen u can draw easily..
6. then fill the design with glass can just squeeze the bottle to fill the colours in design...or use a painting brush.
7. If bubbles form, break them with a pin or needle.
8. do not move or touch the painting until it is dry for 24 hrs
9. Frame the painting to protect the painting from moisture and dust.

I bought the glass colors from an art supply shop..Here it is easily a glass painting kit...In it you will find an outliner,and six primary colours..if you need any other colours you can buy it separately or can mix the mixing blue and pink to make violet..

Glass colours are available in 2 medium...solvent based and water based...if solvent based the kit will provide you the only to make the paint light in colour...

Thats all... I hope.. you enjoyed leaning glass try it at home...all the best...

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Jubi,
Thank you very much for such a detailed explanation on how to do glass painting. You have everyone completely intrigued with your beautiful artwork. We appreciate you!!

You are too kind to say all those beautiful things, thank you.

Cochin sounds like a wonderful place to live, it is lovely that you appreciate your home town.

Your artwork has been an absolute pleasure to study and enjoy, so thank you Jubi, for participating and sharing here. You are very kind.

I would love to see a photo of you, if you wish to show one some time, just send it in via the usual method (the upload boxes) and I will add it to this page for you.

Here are the links to some of your beautiful artwork:

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