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by Lillyana Antonaevic
(Melbourne Australia)

Feline Art Studio

Feline Art Studio

My name is Lillyana and I am freelance artist working from home in Melbourne / Australia..

I share my life with my darling cats, they are my inspiration my muse my everything.. lol..

I specialise in portraits both human and animal kind, I especially like to draw cats..

I work in all mediums from pencil on paper to oil on canvas..

But drawing is my first love..

I like using my favorite coloured pencils, I use Derwent Inktense Water Soluble Pencils ..

I am at present learning how to draw in Photo Realistic Style..
not as easy as I first thought, but I love the time spent on each picture - it is excellent for getting rid of any stress..

I have been drawing since I was a small girl from age 5 until now..

I am 50+ years young.. Lol..

Thank you for having me here..

I am sure I am going to LOVE it here, because I adore Drawing and Sketching..

Hugs from,
Lilly and Cats..

Note from Kerry:
Hi Lilly,
Thank you so much for introducing yourself to us - I am sure you are going to be a valuable addition to this site.

Your drawings are truly outstanding and anything that you can share with us in the line of helping others will be gratefully accepted. There are some beautiful people who participate regularly on here, everyone is friendly and their only agenda is to help others.

So please tell me, is this a self portrait with one of your beloved cats? It is certainly a magnificent drawing, there is no doubt about that. Please feel comfortable about adding comments to your own pages (and everyone else's) at any time..., whenever you want company, we will be here.

If ever you give an incorrect email address, it is always a good idea to check the Drawings Blog page which shows all the latest pages to be added to the site. You'd be surprised how many incorrect email addresses are typed in, on a daily basis.

Here are some links to your lovely artwork...



Singapura Cat

Blue Point Siamese

Elizabeth - Beauty

Richard Burton as Alexander the Great

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