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Aug 21, 2010
by: Marty

Hi, All:

To everyone, Kerry, Cindy, Rachel,Michael and well just everyone.

Michael he always chewed and spit everywhere why even in the house from what I hear.

Now you just gotta know some more about Hoggie and his farm. All them thar acres, he even has a pretty good sized pond but ya all can't go smimmin unless you watta get all muddy, dirty and be stickin all over cause that's where all the hogs go to waddle and rut in.

Hey do ya recon that the bus driver and the kid's are in the pond? You thought maybe they were in the pig sty or where they stay to cool off in the hot sun in the summer, now ya think the're all in the pond?

Can't ya all make up your mind. Can they be found in the hog lot or in the pond?

Hey with all the thar acres maybe, just maybe there might be another place that was over looked.

After there's about 500 acres of woods ya know.

Ya know I don't think that there are any floors in there house I think I heard one of thge police officers say when they stepped in the house that everything was dirt, mud and chewin stuff that Hoggie spit everywhere why he's been chewin and spittin foe about 50 some years now!

Do ya all think they could be buried right under there noses's? I don't think ya could smell very much could ya?

Tell me what all ye may be thinkin?



Aug 20, 2010
Max "Hoggie" Martin
by: rachel

Hey Marty,
Great picture and I love the story, it's great to bring the two together. I would love to go, seems like a good adventure :P

Aug 20, 2010
by: Marty

Hello Everyone:

Well now I got ta tell ya all that old Hoggie and everything else in the beginning part of this story is that it is really an Urban Legend around here and is based upon a true story, or so it goes.

Do any of you want to go with me some cold rainey and stormy night? of course we would have to all sneek onto the property. You know it is wooded and think of all the noises we would hear. The leaves rushling in the wind, maybe a shadow will pop out from behind a tree or maybe it just could be a few hogs and Hoggie and his wife with a meat cleaver in hand.....Who know, we may just run into a whole lotta fun and mischief????



Aug 20, 2010
Mr. Story Teller
by: Cindy

Marty-great little story to go along with Hoggie! I say he's in the hog pen with all those dirty hogs! Can't wait to hear the rest of the tale!
Your friend,

Aug 20, 2010
by: Michael Betz

Great job Marty! I can just see this guy with a mouth full of chew spittin as he talks.......I can see the dirty ragedy clothes. Very nicely done and the story just brings character to Hoggie.......

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