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Pencil Drawing Of A Girl

by Arthur
(The Netherlands)

Pencil drawing girl

Pencil drawing girl

This is my latest pencil drawing of a girl. I've studied how to draw hair better, so there's already an improvement compared to my previous drawings.

I also gave her a big Gothic Cross.

I've used my trusted Pentel mechanical pencil (#B only).

Thanks for looking.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Arthur,
Wow, you know, I stand in awe of artists who can achieve so much with a single grade of pencil!

Your girl portrait is absolutely stunning (details are perfect!) and you must be very proud of yourself for the great job on her hair. That is a trait of yours that I admire, the willingness to practice and study to achieve your desired effect.

You have portrayed the eyes perfectly, they are very penetrating. Great portrait skills by you!

By the look of this drawing, you are more than ready to start selling your artwork (if you're not already doing so). Very well done, good job Arthur!

Some Comments...

by: Arthur
Thank you Kerry for the wonderful comment.
I don't sell my drawings, I draw just to kill the time :)

by: Kerry
Hi Arthur
If you show your drawings around to your friends and family, I am sure someone will ask you to draw for them. It's only a matter of time, your artwork is amazing. The world deserves to see it!

by: Michael Betz
Nice.... did a great job on this drawing.....and my fav subject too...;)

Great drawing....keep up the good work, I am looking forward to seeing more.

by: Bill Richards
Very Well Drawn..
As a portrait artist myself, I really enjoy seeing those that can capture the features of the human face with such good and vivid details. I look forward in seeing more.. Thanks for sharing

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