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Brother and sister

by Lynn Boivin
(Georgia, USA)

This is a portrait I did for my husband's supervisor. I had seen a picture of his kids that I just had to depict in pencil so here it is. I really enjoyed doing this.

Just think when I was in High School my art teacher told me I did not need to be in her class because she thought I could not draw. Thank goodness I did not let her discourage me and not moved forward. I kept working at it until I reached satisfaction with my work.
Much research on the internet and reading books.

I am a self taught artist and I see improvement even now with every one. I hope my work inspires those of you out there that are feeling discouraged. Just keep working at it, if you have the passion for it then you have the talent.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Lynn,
You are a terrific role model for all artists, young and old. I agree, it is an important message... if you want to draw, you can draw. That's all there is to it. And here you are, living proof that anything is possible, it's simply the desire to draw that gets us there.

Your drawing is absolutely worthy of praise. You must be so proud of yourself, to be a self taught artist and to produce this caliber of work, wow Lynn, I stand in awe.

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A Mother's Love

by Lynn Boivin
(Georgia, USA)

This is a portrait I did for a very good friend of mine. I took pictures of her and her baby boy one day as a favor to her. Within the many pictures I took that day this one was there.

I immediately fell in love with it so I decided to draw it and give to her as a gift. I remember right before I took this picture she did not want her picture taken because she had no makeup on...LOL It turned out to be the best picture of them all.

I drew the picture on Bristol board and used many different pencils from a HB to a 9B to a 2HB. It took me about 2 days of working on it off and on until it was completed. Of course I never feel they are complete, I seem to always see something that needs to be changed....I am a perfectionist and never seem completely happy with my work.

I have uploaded some of my portraits here in the past but it's been a while.

Critiques are welcome because that is how I improve....

***Note from Kerry:
Ok Lynn, I have to say this is absolutely perfect and you must be happy with it!! It's actually hard to believe it's a drawing. You've done a brilliant job... (stand and applaud)

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Deep Thought

by Sheryl Lynn Boivin
(Royston, Ga, USA)

Deep Thought

Deep Thought

As I was browsing the internet looking at other artist work, with my daughter by my side, I ran across a website that had some colored portraits. A few particular drawings really caught my daughters eye and she begged for me to draw them for her.

So I thought why not see if I can work with watercolor pencils. I had never used them before and felt a little intimidated by them so I gave it a shot.

I first achieved permission, from the artist, to see if I could draw them for my daughter for her enjoyment and not for profit.

Then I got to work.....
I was impressed at how easy it was to work with watercolor pencils and how I was able to get satisfactory results.

So here is my very first watercolor is of a Navajo girl but what drew my daughter to it so was that the little girl in the drawing reminded my daughter of images of me as a little girl. When she first saw it she immediately said, "Mama that is you!" So I began to draw her a series for her to hang on her wall...using watercolor pencils.

Critique as you wish and very much welcomed.

***Note from Kerry:
Oh Sheryl, this is so beautiful! You have done such a lovely job with this, the original artist would be very proud of your work.

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