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Pointe Shoes Drawing

by Megan

Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes

I love ballet and I teach ballet classes every week. My hobbies include drawing and photography.

***Note from Kerry:
I love this drawing, Megan, it is very good.

Please Note:
The title has been changed from Ballet Shoes Drawing to Pointe Shoes Drawing as requested by Sue on 6 April 2010.

Edited to add:
This drawing has attracted a lot of attention and here are just some of the comments from visitors...

by: Lucy
You are the best drawer ive seen, really love it! I copied it on paper but it aint as good as yours.x

by: Lilly Antoneavic
Ahhh My own pinte shoes are in this picture..
Love the ballet, everything about it from Ballerinas to their lovely Pointe slippers..
Must upload more of my Ballerina Art.. love it

Ballet art
Oh, Lilly please do. I have been sketching my way through a ballerina calendar. I have 3 more to do. My daughter did this one. Kerry has already uploaded my ballerina drawings on this site. I would love to see yours. I am sure that they will send me back to "the drawing board."

by: maitaya
wow, that is an amazing picture of point shoes, I love it.

beautiful drawing
by: Cutiepie754
this drawing is really beautiful
i wish i could draw like this

by: Anonymous
It's an awsome picture,i love it, cause everybody has its own style of drawing and i think every picture that is drawn is awesome cause the person who draws it puts a lot of effort in it.

Unique Drawing
by: Taylordaisy232
I LOVE IT! it is sooo unique and i also do ballet!!! LOL

by: chloe
This shoe is so amazing, the shading and everything is perfect i could never draw a shoe like this!

by: love the art
Awesome picture. i love it. cool!!:)

by: London Art Acadamey
wow i really like this you ve captured the lighting really well you definitely think like a true artist, well done!

same hobbies
by: megan
hey, my name is megan too!
i also love to do ballet in fact any type of dance. i also love to draaw and take photos. in the future i will also like to teach ballet ..ect..

Beautifully done
by: Anonymous
A lovely drawing. I think you have used some charcoal in this which is my favorite medium - you can get lovely soft edges. I also used to do ballet for many years, so I know that this is a very accurate drawing too!

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