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Portrait Drawing Lessons

Every artist needs to find suitable portrait drawing lessons at one time or another and luckily, there are some generous artists around who are willing to share what they know with us.

The free drawing videos below will definitely show you some techniques that you can apply and use.

None of us really likes to hear it, but the fact remains that it is only practice that will help you become a successful artist.

Let's proceed...

Sketching a Face

Basic Proportions

This face drawing was done with a digital drawing tablet but there were interesting ideas with initial structure of the face and where he goes from there. I am really happy with the drawing that I completed as I followed this video - I kept pausing the video to keep up to the pace.

The main thing is that while you watch other artists at work, sometimes things just click into place (in your mind) and you can easily adopt that method because it feels familiar to you.

Be prepared because this video is done in fast motion - I'm not normally a fan of speed drawing videos with annoying music. Sometimes they are cut so much, you can't see exactly what they have done so those ones are of no benefit to us. However, in saying all of that, this one had some good ideas so I'm happy to share it. Don't forget to pause it so you can draw as you go.

If you have a dial up or slower Internet connection, click the pause button after starting the video and let it load all the way so the video plays through without any problems.

Ok, turn your volume off and have your paper and pencil handy.

Duration: 10 minutes
Recommendation: Sound Off

It's an inspirational video with lots of clues on placement of facial features - I hope you give it a try.

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Now In Paperback!

Portrait Drawing Lesson

Whether you like this drawing or not, artist Lon has learned by years of practice, trial and error. I think it's an excellent drawing considering it is finalized in only 6 minutes!

You learn more tips on placement of features, it really is interesting to see and learn how each artist draws a face.

I know I'd be really happy if I could draw a portrait like this in such a short time. You get a great idea of the overall layout of a portrait drawing and I think it's worth a look.

Duration: 7 minutes
Recommendation: Sound On

By watching various artists at work, you are influenced in many different ways and this ultimately helps you develop a style unique to you.

These artists make portrait drawing look so simple and they really are wonderful to share these portrait drawing lessons with us. Time is a valuable commodity these days so we need to appreciate everything that comes free of charge.

'mm sure they are some more great drawing videos around, it just takes time to find them and I'll add more as they come to light.

I love to learn from all portrait drawing lessons so I hope you found some value here, too.

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