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by Rhonda
(Jacksonville, NC USA)

I love to draw animals.

I drew this retriever because at one time a dog like this came into our lives. I say this because he jumped into my husband's van one day and he brought him home. We tried to find his owner but no one came to claim him, so he stayed with us.

We called him Bear. He loved our then 4 small children, when they were outside he protected them and would wait in the evening at the road for them to get off the bus. He would push open our sliding glass doors and go and sleep on the couch (he snored like a freight train LOL).

We all loved him very much and then one day he left. We searched and searched but we couldn't find him. I like to think he came into our lives for a reason and when his job was done he went to another family that needed him.

***Note from Kerry:
He's adorable, Rhonda. You have captured the gentleness perfectly.

Thank you for providing such a heart-warming story, Rhonda. I do believe everything happens for a reason -- working it out can keep us on our toes though!

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