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Tiny The Elephant

by Marty

Tiny, The Praying Elephant

Tiny, The Praying Elephant

Hello Everyone:

Well I wanted to draw something but I didn't know what. So I just got my # 2 pencil and a piece of typewriter paper. I just wanted to draw from my mind. So I just drew a curved line and hey I saw that it looked like it could be an elephant's trunk, and so here is what the curved line ended up being.

So I named her "Tiny The Praying Elephant".

Why the praying part well I didn't know it until I was finished and I sat back and looked at it and I saw that her feet were joined together like Tiny was praying.

Look at it and please give me your thoughts on it.

I know it's nothing great but I believe I am getting the shadows and shading better. I used a # 2 pencil and two charcoal pencils. I used my finger also to smudge it a little, but not too much. It took me about 10 minutes to draw Tiny!

Please give me your honest comment on Tiny.



***Note from Kerry:
Hi Marty, my first thought is that I am impressed with you! You are challenging yourself and to create this from a single curved line (and in only 10 minutes!!) is something to admire in itself. I love the drawing of Tiny and the story about his humble beginnings. Great work Marty, keep it up and thank you so very much for sharing it here with us.

Comments for Tiny the Elephant:

by: Marty
Hello Kerry:
Thank You for your kind words.
After looking at Tiny again I think I used shading a little too much.
I like want to get better on the shading and shadow's. I will try to do something else tomowwor. Thanks to everyone that has offered kind words and comments on how I may improve.

by: Michael Betz

Hey there Marty. I don't think you are using shading too much... except maybe in the back ground. Also might I suggest you use a blending stump or a tortillon to do your shading? It sure makes less of a mess than the tip of your finger. Plus using your finger you run the risk of smudging it on other parts that you may accidently touch... just a thought...

by: Cindy
Hi Marty...when I would draw using charcoal, I too would smudge with my finger. A lot of times I would smudge places that I didn't want to smudge. I found a great tool to help get a fine line of smudge without blending in the adjacent area. I used it when I did "Hoggies Old House". I think it's called a Cotton Blending Stump. It looks and feels like a 2 pointed paper pencil. Points on both ends and feels like a tightly compressed paper/cotton pencil. You can get really precise line shading or angle it and get a wider shading path too! The tips will get discolored after use and if you are shading multi colors you can shave off the ends(I use a one sided razor)and get a clean tip. Try this and see if you like it. I rarely shade with my finger anymore. Plus there's oil in your fingers and this could affect the color and finish. Happy Shading Marty!!

by: Robyn
step by step
I like how you are trying something new a little at a time. Smudging with your finger is a good idea, and then you can learn more from the comments others leave. I even use cotton swabs (we call them Q-Tips where I live) for some smudging and blending if I don't have the other tools available. I even wrap a bit of tissue about the end of a toothpick or orange stick (manicure stick) at times. You can experiment with various things you have around the house if you don't have the artistic tools yet.

by: Michael Betz
More tips....
You could even roll a small piece of paper into a funnel shape and use that as a blending stump... works just as good, I used one of those many times... now I pretty much use several different sizes of Tortillons, which are blending stumps...

by: Marty
Hello Everyone:
I want to Thank:
Kerry, Robyn, Cindy,and Michael for all your help.
I will use something else rather than my fingers. I do have a lot of oil in my body and using my oily fingers is a no, no.
I will have to try the paper one or the q-tips that is what I have in stock.
I don't know when I will be able to get to a place to get anything else.
Bless you all for your great comments and your great help.
Thanks Again I love you all.

by: rachel
Hey Marty, I think you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I really like this and yeah you are improving. I can see you've gotten a lot better in a real short space of time, I think you're brilliant.
I don't think that there's too much shading on this, it's great. I don't really have any advice, it's all been said but still, I love it :)

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