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Trouble, The Cat

by Jeannie H.
(Hilliard, OH USA)

Drawing of Trouble

Drawing of Trouble

This is "Trouble", one of my three cats. He's such a beautiful cat, that I thought he'd be fun to draw.

Although the drawing turned out very much like him, it wasn't done using a grid. It was freehand, so he looks a little more "stout" than he actually is.

This was my first animal drawing, and I'm pretty pleased with how well it turned out. It took many attempts for me to get the eyes right, but it makes all the difference in the world if I wanted the portrait to really look like my boy! :)

Note from Kerry:
Hi Jeannie
I can't imagine where Trouble got his name from! He looks beautiful and you've done a terrific job with this drawing.

Drawing animals isn't that easy so I am very impressed with you.

Using a grid has obviously set you in good stead, giving you the confidence that you can draw anything. It's amazing what we can do when we believe in ourselves, isn't it? How long have you been drawing for now?

Also, as a matter of interest, what are you favorite drawing tools? Do you use blending stomps at all? What's your favorite pencil at the moment?

It's good to see you are drawing backgrounds at such an early stage - it took me forever to get around to doing that. I guess I was slow at convincing myself I could draw.

The fact that you drew Trouble, the cat, freehand, well, it's very impressive. Great work Jeannie!

Jeannie's comments:

Thank you so much for your comments! To answer some of your questions...

I started drawing at the end of August.

This picture of Trouble was done just about two weeks after I started drawing. I date all of my pictures so I can see my progress!

Although I started out with a basic set of drawing pencils, where I was typically using the 2b for almost everything, I have since moved to just using a mechanical pencil with 2B lead for everything.

I also use blending tortillons. I have used tissues (kleenex) to blend, but I find the Tortillons to work best for me.

I purchased some books by Lee Hammond, and watched some of her videos, and that has helped me to improve a LOT. Her books have been so helpful. It's the blending that is key I think, and I still have a ways to go to getting it "right".

Most of all, I find that practice is key. I have had about a month where I've not had time to do much at all, and when I started working on something earlier this week, I felt like I had lost a lot! I know it will come back to me quickly though.

I enjoy drawing portraits of people and animals best. My most difficult thing is getting the nose and mouths right!

Comments for Trouble The Cat

Nov 05, 2011
by: Michael Betz to my ears - 2B mechanical pencil - tortillons -Lee Hammond - loves, this might just possibly be close to the perfect girl :)

I could not possibly agree with you more. Lee Hammond is an amazing artist. She is my personal fav, second only to da Vinci.
Kerry is right. For only drawings a few months.....this is great! I can't wait to see more of your stuff.

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