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Uploaded Drawing Is Too Light

by Barton Bruce
(Auburn, CA. U.S.A)



Original Scan
Adjusted Scan

Click one image to enlarge and move it to the top.

When I uploaded my drawing it was very faded - any suggestions?

Answer From Kerry:

Hello Barton,

It took me forever to work out how to scan a drawing and actually make it visible so don't feel badly that yours hasn't worked first time.

I am really happy to see you have finally gotten around to sending in a drawing, so thank you for keeping your promise!

I hope between all of us we can help you solve your problem.

First up, I need to know if you are scanning the drawing or if you have taken a photo?

It looks like a photo so I'll address that one first.

Photo Advice:
If you have taken a photo, there are usually macro settings on a digital camera to help a drawing be more distinct. Every camera is different so I can only advise you to refer to the manual. Look up Macro or Portrait settings for directions for a clear and close shot. It describes how to adjust your camera for close ups.

I've tried taking photos of drawings but I found it easier to draw them darker and then scan them! The manual for my camera is miles too long and really confuses me!

Photos have to be clear and crisp prior to uploading. If you can't see your drawing when looking at the photo then nothing during the upload process will change that fact.

Scanning Advice:

If you are scanning it, it could be that the settings aren't right on the scanner. Usually, you can adjust a setting for something to be scanned in black and white and that helps. A little fiddling with settings here and there helps with clarity.

It's a fact that drawings are definitely lighter once they are scanned so I always make sure the drawing is dark enough before I scan, by carefully going over it with a 3 or 4B pencil.

I have added 2 images to your page called "Original Scan" and "Adjusted Scan". I used an image program called "" to make the 2nd image darker and more visible for the internet. Just click each one to compare and see the difference that it can make to a drawing.

One benefit of this process is that you always have your original and you don't have to take the chance of messing it up by going over it with a darker pencil.

If you want to give it a go, here are the directions for using this free image program.

Open the program and select File/Open (along the top - which is the command line) and retrieve your drawing from wherever you saved it on your computer.

Now that your image is displayed on there, go along further to the right on the command line and Select "Effects".

Select "Photo"

Select "Sharpen" - zip the arrow along to the maximum of 20. Press OK.

If you want it darker, repeat Effects/Photo/Sharpen - the setting stays the same so press OK.

Once you read these directions and you think it seems easy enough, you can find the download link for (free) on this page.

If you don't want to experiment with an image program, the only other option is to (carefully) go over the drawing with a darker pencil and then re-scan or take another photo.

Barton, I hope this overload of information doesn't deter you and turn you off sending in your drawing. I am so elated that you want to show me your artwork.

Maybe one of the other artists might have a simple method that they will share here with you...

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How Do I Know and Where Can I Find

by Nicki

How do I know when my drawing has been posted. I can't remember if it said it somewhere but will you send me an email or what?

What happens if I didn't choose a topic for my art to be in? Where will it go to?

What if I want to find my drawing? Will I have to scroll through everything to look for it or is there a fast and easy way that I can find it within seconds?

Answer From Kerry:

Hi Nicki

Your drawing was uploaded today.

Here is your Teddy Bear Drawing

Please allow some time for me to approve submissions, there are so many to go through that it ultimately takes me a while to get them done. I really apologize for the delay.

If you haven't heard anything after a couple of weeks, here are some ways you can find your drawing - you can find that page anytime by clicking on the Drawing FAQ and scrolling to "Drawing FAQ - Your Gallery".

If you opt to be notified of when your drawing goes live, the link to your page is in your email.
If you opt to be notified of when anyone makes a comment on your drawing, you will receive an email for that as well.

You can find your drawing in the "Pencil Drawing" category.

All drawings for the past month are featured in the newsletter too.

If you have any other questions, please make a comment here, thanks Nicki, and I'll do my best to answer more thoroughly.

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I uploaded some art and I can not see it here..

by Lilly Antoneavic
(Melbourne Australia)



Dear Artists,
I uploaded some art recently and i still can not see it here.. Just curious how long does it take for art to be approved..

Cheers from,
Lilly Antoneavic..

Note from Kerry:
Hi Lilly,
Sometimes, it depends on what is happening in my life as to how long it takes for me to upload your work.

On the invitation page, I say... "Each submission is personally reviewed to make sure it complies with the guidelines and that means it could take up to a week before you see your drawing." ... That could be a little white lie, sometimes it might be 2 weeks or even 3! It's the price I pay for wanting personal contact - I don't want to contract out any of my site work to a stranger, I like it being personal and I like knowing everyone on here.
I hope you are happy with that, I am certainly very keen to learn more about you and to see more of your artwork.

Thanks for your question, I hope it helps other artists who are wondering the same thing.

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Help Uploading

by rachel


I just started using this site and I wanted to get some advice on a picture I drew and can't post a picture. It just tells me fatal error, can't continue and this happens everytime I try on your site.

Please is there something I am missing or need to do.
This is the picture I was trying to upload if that makes any difference.

Answer From Kerry:

Hi Rachel

You may be having some trouble if the file size of your drawing is too large.

You can try reducing the file size yourself by visiting this site:

Here are some rough directions:

Allow time for it to load.

You don't have to register or join if you don't want to.

Click the green box half way down page that says "Get Started Now".

Click "Upload a Photo" (Of course it doesn't have to be a photo, so you upload your drawing here.)

Above your drawing, you'll see a lot of options for changing your drawing. It automatically comes up as "Edit". You can click on "Auto Fix" or you can do your own editing by hovering your mouse over each option, it comes up with a box telling you what that option does.

If you click the tab (above drawing) that says "Resize", this is where you change the width or height. It needs to have a height or width of 400px maximum.

Then you save the image to your computer. It is this newly saved image that you then try to re-upload to the site.

If you still get an error, please make a comment back here on this page and I'll see what else I can do for you.

I am sorry you've had this problem but don't worry, together we will work it out!

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How do I remove a drawing

by anonymous

How do I remove a drawing I posted a while ago--- It has my personal info on there that can be located on google.
I would like it to be removed and I don't know how to do it... suggestions?

Note from Kerry:

Hi anonymous,
Even though you also sent an email via the site and I have answered that email, I will add this question here in case anyone else would like to edit or remove their pages.

1. You need to tell me the name of your drawing or provide the link to your page on this site.
2. I can edit most information on a page except your email address which I don't have access to.
3. You can request an edit of your page or I can remove it completely, it's your choice.
4. You can contact me via the site or through this section of "Your Space" where you are free to ask questions about drawing or request edits or additions to your drawing pages.

I think it is a shame to delete a page when kind people have offered their time for advice or encouragement at the bottom of your page.

Usually, our Laws define "personal information" as "a resident's first and last name, or first initial and last name, in combination with any one or more of the resident's:
(a) Social Security number;
(b) driver's license number or state-issued identification card number; or
(c) financial account number, or credit or debit card number…"

In other words, multiple pieces of personal information are extremely valuable to identity thieves and can be used to commit fraud.

There is also cause for concern for witness protection programs, women's shelters, and victims of domestic violence etc.

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Sending In Pictures

by Eli

I want to know how can I send my drawing pictures to your nice site? I really need your comments on my drawing pictures. Thank you.

Answer From Kerry:

Hi Eli,
From any page on the site, you will see the horizontal navigation bar just under the top image.
Just click on YOUR SPACE.

Once you're on that page, scroll down to the heading "Select Your Topic." Under that heading, you will see all the different categories.

Select and click on the link that suits your drawing.

This action takes you to a page that contains the boxes where you upload your drawing. In each box, you put the Title, Story, browse to find your drawing on your computer, and your Name and Location. Then you click the Submit/Send button.

The next page shows you how your page will look once it's up on the site. You can make any changes you like on this page. If you can't see your drawing on this page, then you need to click the back arrow to upload it.

At the bottom, you'll see the options to receive an email to notify you when anyone comments on your drawing (recommended), etc. You don't have to tick any of these if you don't want to. If you do want notifications, you need to make sure that your email address is typed in correctly, otherwise you won't receive them.

That's it, you then become a guest artist here. Please allow some time for your drawing to be uploaded to the site.

If your computer doesn't have Javascript enabled, you won't be able to see the horizontal links under the top image. So, just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on SITEMAP. Scroll down that page to find "Your Drawings" section.

Guidelines For Your Drawings
I'm the first person to dislike an overdose on rules and regulations. However, I've had to make some simple rules for the drawing submissions.

A lot of submissions don't have a drawing uploaded with them. If you can't see your drawing on the "Edit" page, that means there is no drawing uploaded!

Any drawing with little or no story does not get accepted. This might sound mean but it makes a very boring page. There are lots of things you can tell us:
How long it took to draw
What pencils you used
What paper
The reason why you chose your drawing subject, etc.

No drawing is judged by its quality. However, if you can hardly see it, if it doesn't scan well, there's no point showing it off.
If your submission includes a visible drawing (no nudity or violence) and a story, you can be guaranteed it will be accepted.

There is also more information about Your Space on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Revising Information in the "Meet The Artist" segment.

by Jim

There are some additions and deletions I'd like to 'fix' but don't know how to access my personal information.

How can I access my info?

Answer From Kerry:

Hi Jim
you can add a comment to your page, requesting that I edit your main content and provide that info within the comment section.

I will see it and make the changes for you. At this stage, you don't have access to editing your page, I'm sorry about that.

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Hoggie & Claire's Old House

by Marty
(Fairmount, Indiana U.S.A.)


Hello everyone:

Here's a picture of Hoggie & Claire's Old House that they live in.

It is a picture I took. I did not draw this, of course I think I could, now if any of you want to try and draw this house then give it a go. This is NOT a contest it is just a tool to help you draw more.

Consider it a practice tool. Anyway I don't think this ole house of theirs has any wood floors. Now I would assume that all the floors on the second and upper levels have wood floors but I doubt that anyone has ever lived upstairs. Why would they only live downstairs? They are lazy. Why Claire wouldn't know how to use the broom anyway except to fly around on. So have any of you tried to figure out where the bus driver and the kids are? Are they in the pond? Are they buried in the hog lot? How about somewhere in the woods?

You know it had to be somewhere that the Law or police or other people couldn't find them.

Now put yourself in Hoggie and Claire's place where would you bury them so no one could ever find them.

Naw they wouldn't bury them in the house now would they? How about the attic? Maybe they have them up in the attic sitting around in chairs? Did you say no? Well let's not forget that Hoggie and Clair don't think like we do or would.

Anyway I just wanted to show you the house they live in. It needs some paint huh? Maybe you would like to go out there with me and paint it for them that way we could nib around a little?

Let me know what ya think.



***Note from Kerry:
Hi Marty,
This is such an interesting photo, I added one that I resized but of course it loses a lot of quality, sorry about that.

I am challenged about where to put this since it isn't a drawing so I have moved it to the Ask A Question section.

Are you sure their last name isn't "Adams"? It looks a lot like the Adams' family home!

I have no idea where the kids would be. Maybe in the chimney of the barn?

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Anyone want a contest?

by Marty
(Fairmount, In. U.S.A.)

I would like to ask all the artists on this great website a question.

Are you interested in participating in a drawing contest?

Please use this as an example as to what I am looking for. I think I will call him Stan the pirate.

It goes something like this...

Pirate Stan got in a fight and lost his hand. And now I have his mummified hand. I will post a picture of his mummified hand in the near future, like tomorrow.

I am wanting to have a drawing contest. I have a drawing that I sketched that I want to use on eBay for one item that I have. I want to experiment with this.

So that being said here are the rules.
None. That's right no rules just a drawing that I will pick and use.

I am not looking for the greatest or the worst. I am looking for creativity and from the heart.

I will of course give away gifts in the form of download links for MP3's. Music and etc. Some is relaxing MP3's, Some subliminal MP3's, some hypnosis MP3's. And some royalty free music.

Everyone will win something. The first place winner will receive four gifts.

Second Place will receive three gifts and Third place will receive two gifts.

And all the other artist will receive one gift. So everyone will be a winner. So please be on the lookout for when it will start. That is if anyone is interested.

So please let me know if you are interested by adding a comment to this page. I would like to get at least 10 artists to want to give their hand a try at this and don't forget everyone wins.

Thank You


***Note from Kerry:
Hi Marty!
I hope you get plenty of participants to your contest. I wonder though, do you want a drawing of just the mummified hand, or do you want a reproduction of the pirate drawing?

UPDATE: Marty would like your version of the pirate drawing. I hope you have a great time with this!

This is the list of Contest Prizes to be won

And The Winners Are...

Pirate Contest By Jim
by Jim Leming (Issaquah, WA)

Pirate Contest
by Sushree Kalpana Chand (Orissa, India)

Marty's Pirate Contest
by Michael Betz (Las Vegas)

Prizes For The Following Artists:

Pirate Contest by Teresa
by teresa (uk)

Marty's Pirate Contest
by rachel (england)

The Pirate's Hand
by Jim Leming (Issaquah, WA)

Marty's Pirate Contest By John
by John Nolen (N.S.W, Australia)

Marty's Pirate Contest 2
by John Nolen (N.S.W, Australia)

A New Type of Pirates
by kitty (romania)

Thank you, Marty, I am sure everyone had fun with your contest.

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Contest Prizes

by Martin Hamilton
(Fairmount, In. U.S.A.)

Are you ready for the Contest?

Here is what I will be awarding the artists who enter the Contest.

I will be starting the Contest this coming Sunday. July 18th 2010.

So be sure to spread the word.

Winner Awards

1 st. Place Wins-------

Better Creative Thinking Mp3 About 1 hour long.

Torrential Rain Mp3 1 Hour Long.

And Amazing Learning Mp3. About 30 minutes long.

2 nd. Place Wins----Improve Memory MP3 1 Hour Long. And Tropical Storm Mp3 About 1 hour long.

3 rd. Place Wins------Dimensions MP3 1 Hour Long.

All other Artist That entered the Contest: Will Be Awarded:

Make Your Dreams Come True M3

Thank You and Get Ready!

This is the Contest Page


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