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[Drawing] Secrets
December 17, 2008

If you are trying to teach yourself to draw, the best advice I can give you is to keep your practice drawings to yourself.

It's fine to proudly show off what you can do in the early stages, but if you do that, be prepared for criticism.

When I was practicing at the start, I remember how I couldn't believe that I could draw certain things. (It still surprises me!) My first instinct was to show someone, and I invariably got criticism on what was wrong with the drawing.

I recall that I felt hurt and disillusioned. Some people are ignorant of the fact that you are just starting your learning to draw program.

I did show my family but I prefaced the display with "Please, no criticism, I know it's not perfect but I'm excited about it." They understood, of course. They are my real cheer squad.

Make sure you can handle criticism before you ask for it.

Even now, when I look through my "learner" drawings, I don't want to show anyone. They're my secret.

You are allowed this privacy. Don't feel uncomfortable about it. It's you who will benefit in the long run. You can't afford to get disenchanted with your drawings.

The fact that you think they are great is your motivation to move onto your next drawing. That trend is called practicing and that's all you need to do to be successful as an artist.

What's New at

I found a great kids drawing book that would make an excellent present for Christmas. I have already purchased it so I can give it to my grand-daughter. (sorry, link removed because the book is no longer available - edited July 2017)

What's more, I received it instantly and I can print it out as many times as I like and give it to all the kids in our family. I pay for it once but it's a gift several times over. In my books, that's a bargain!

There is also a selection of books for everyone on the drawing books page. That's my style of shopping - I don't even have to leave home.

Your Drawings

There's been a great response this month. My thanks go to everyone who participated. The drawings are great!

Also, we get to meet another artist - Marc from Canada has sent in his photo. Thanks, Marc. You will see the link to his page at the bottom of this list. If you have time, please pop in and say hi to him, via the comments box.

Driftwood by Marc (BC Canada)

Bison by Marc (BC Canada)

Cat Drawing From Photo by Megan (TN, USA)

Bits and Pieces by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Danger - Cat Thinking by Megan (TN, USA)

Henry by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

I Wonder by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Lone Tree by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Innocence Of A Child by Robin (Tennessee USA)

Bit Of Everything by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

My Imagination by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Minnie Mouse by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Another Tigger by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

The Simpsons Homer by Maximillian (Houston TX, USA)

The Simpsons by Maximillian (Houston TX, USA)

First Dog by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Wild Life by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Nearly A Horse by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Blue Royal Rose by Greg Baldridge (so. shore, KY)

1962 Vauxhall Cresta by Dermot (England)

Eagle Eyed by k.j.chilton (heysham,lancashire,uk)

Provocative Elf by Trevor (London)

My First Live Portrait by Marc (Cherryville BC Canada)

Old Model T by Marc (Cherryville BC Canada)

Old Bently by Marc (Cherryville BC Canada)

Marc L`Ecuyer by Marc (Cherryville BC Canada)

How To Send In Your Drawings:

From any page on the site, you will see the navigation bar on the left. It is in cream and burgundy colors. Just click on YOUR DRAWINGS. You will find that link is just over half way down the navigation bar.

On that page, scroll down to the heading "Select Your Topic." Under that heading, you will see 6 different categories:
Animal, Cartoon, Fantasy, Nature, Car and Pencil.

Select and click on the link that suits your drawing.

This action takes you to a page that contains the boxes where you upload your drawing. In each box, you put the Title, Story, browse to find your drawing on your computer, and your Name and Location. Then you click the Submit/Send button.

The next page (the edit page) shows you how your page will look once it's up on the site. You can make any changes you like on this page.

At the bottom, you'll see the options to receive an email to notify you when anyone comments on your drawing, etc. You don't have to tick any of these if you don't want to. If you do want notifications, you need to make sure that your email address is typed in correctly, otherwise you won't receive them.

That's it, you then become a guest artist at!

Guidelines For Your Drawings
I'm the first person to dislike an overdose on rules and regulations. However, I've had to make some simple rules for the drawing submissions.

Any drawing with little or no story does not get accepted. This might sound mean but it makes a very boring page.

No drawing is judged by its quality. However, if you can hardly see it, if it doesn't scan well, there's no point in showing it off.

If your submission includes a visible drawing and a good story, you can be guaranteed it will be accepted.

Tip of the Month

When it's impossible for you to draw, put your observation skills to good use.

This will help you to determine how to achieve different effects in your drawings.

For example, when you look at something, work out which direction the light is coming from (i.e. the light source), then observe the way that shadows fall from it.

If you have the opportunity, also observe reflections - they are so interesting!

This is a simple way of learning and it injects more enjoyment into your hobby.

The next time I write to you, it will be 2009. I would like to take this moment to wish you a very happy Christmas. I hope 2009 proves to be an artistically rewarding year for you. Please stay safe and healthy.

, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read this issue, I appreciate it.

You are welcome to reply to this email if you have anything you'd like to share with me.

Take care of you for me,


"Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it." - Robert Motherwell

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