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Hardcover Book Drawing

It's common practice to learn from drawing books but sometimes it's hard to find one that suits your specific needs.

I assembled this review page for your assessment and there is absolutely no risk involved. It's time you found the perfect book or video course that's just right for you!

We are all different with our wants and needs, so it's up to you to do the testing.

These resources have a money back guarantee so if you're not happy with your purchase, you won't experience any problems getting your money back.

Open Book Drawing

I created the How To Sketch and Drawing Lessons books that you see below but the other products are by different creators.

In the past, I bought some online books that were complete rubbish so you definitely won't find those low quality products listed on this page.

These drawing books will help you to acquire the skills you need to create beautiful illustrations because they are written by people with experience behind them.

My main aim with this site is to encourage everyone to pick up a pencil and try this hobby. This learn to draw experience is everything it's cracked up to be and I desperately want you to have what I have!

The "How To Sketch" Book

Sketch Trees

Sketching is simplified drawing and, seriously, it gives you freedom with a pencil like you've never experienced before.

The book has an easy format to follow and every progressive step is set out in separate chapters.

I can't stress enough that wasted time cannot be recovered. Sketching is so wonderful, you really need to give yourself the opportunity to at least try it!

When I was looking for articles or books about learning to sketch, it took me a long time to find anything pertaining to a beginner. I realized I should collate any worthwhile information because there was a lot of irrelevant advice to wade through. For example, I just wanted the basics of how to do it - I didn't need to know the anatomy of the human body or anything about architecture! Sheesh.

As with all the drawing books I recommend to you, there is a 60 day money back guarantee if you don't like it. I won't be offended if you return it because everyone is different and it does take time to find a teacher that you can relate to.

As a token of my appreciation, you also receive FOUR bonus books when you buy this book.

Read more about the How To Sketch guide plus bonuses.

NOW AVAILABLE! -- "How To Sketch" is in Paperback! (Please note that only 2 bonuses come with the hardcopy version.)

Drawing Lessons For Hobby Artists

Also In Paperback --

Drawing Book

Ok, so this is NOT a digital book (ebook) but I get a lot of requests for paperbacks so Drawing Lessons For Hobby Artists is now available in real book form. There's nothing like the feel of crisp pages beneath your fingertips, is there?

It's actually a combination of my 4 popular Kindle books plus some extra drawings and information.

You'll find the simple layout of this book is perfect for learning to draw.

It starts with how to draw a straight line and then takes you all the way through to making competent images. Best of all, it's detailed in easy to understand language with numerous corresponding illustrations.

Follow this link to view the first few pages of Drawing Lessons For Hobby Artists to decide if it suits you.

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** Disclaimer: I receive a small commission if you buy via my links -- at no extra cost to you. **

My first eBook


Simple Drawing Tips


4 kindle books combined
into one tidy book.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy

This pencil drawing course specializes in teaching beginners how to draw in a realistic style.

The course itself is online video, so you can access it from anywhere in the world - the videos can also be played on a tablet or phone.

Each class is two hours long so you can even draw while watching the video, nothing is left to the imagination.

The course starts off by showing you all the equipment you need and the basic strokes.

With each class you get a downloadable template which you can print out and use that to transfer to your drawing paper.

You also get a high quality photo of the reference subject and the final drawing. They are laid out in the pdf in such a way that when you print it out, each are exactly the same size. This makes it easy to judge sizes while drawing.

The Payment Process

Clickbank Order Form

The drawing books I describe here are sold through a Secure Payment Processor called Clickbank - the biggest online payment provider on the internet. We never see your card details.

You pay Clickbank and they pay us after you receive the product, so you are well protected.

Clickbank.com is a trusted industry leader in digital downloads.

If you decide to buy a book and you click the order button, you will be re-directed to Clickbank. The secure order form looks similar to the image here on the right. It may change but you will recognise the similarities to this one.

Clickbank have a very simple payment process when using a Credit Card.

I obtained a Mastercard credit card especially for buying online. For added security, it is completely separate from my ordinary accounts.

I've been buying online for a couple of years now and I haven't experienced any problems. As with any financial business, we need to stay aware and take ALL safety precautions as normal.

Duffle Bag Drawing

The books featured here will help you progress and to answer any artistic questions you might have along the way.

Don't forget to make back up copies of your precious drawing books if you purchase them over the internet. (A USB stick is a great way to save your ebooks.) I like to print my ebooks so I can leisurely practice anytime.

The only way I have been able to learn to draw is through all the books I have bought and ones lent to me. Drawing has enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined and I will always be grateful for that.

There's more for you to enjoy...

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