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Learning From Books
April 21, 2007

I read as many art books as I can get my hands on.

By doing this, I'm presented with a lot of different points of view. Now, whenever I read "you must do this," I take it with a grain of salt!

I accept I am learning all the time but I take a bit from this book and a bit from that book.

Ultimately, I'm creating my own technique.

Sometimes I think I'm doing it all wrong, but, is there a right way or a wrong way to draw?

The aim is to get the drawing in your mind, onto paper.

You will do well to remember just this one thing - There should be no rules in drawing!

We all have our own viewpoint on what we like to see when we look at art.

For instance, I say I'm not a huge fan of abstract art. Yet, there are some I really like if I can see a face or something I can identify with.

I say I don't like scratchy, scrawled outlines, yet, I've seen portraits done with scrawled lines and I can do nothing but admire the end result. (How do they get a face out of all those uneven lines??)

The same idea applies to drawing. If there's a style you love, go with it!

My point is that if you are good enough, even if some don't like your style, you will win them over in the end!

Draw the way you want to draw, ignore all the rules, use the tips that suit you and discard the rest.

It truly is a beautiful pastime. I'm happy you are sharing this passion with me.

What's New at

I gave myself a new challenge and decided to do some bull drawings.

Are you going to copy these and prove to yourself that you, too, can draw?

If you want to see proof of how much I have improved over 2 years, go on over to my mushroom drawings page and check out the comparison there.

The latest page to go up was my wildlife pencil drawings.

I did these drawings while my Mum was staying with me over the Easter break. She's a gentle critic and she knows I am doing the very best I can. It's good for me to have someone to encourage me as I go along.

Mum tinkered with water colors while she was here so I had a go at that too. It was fun but my first love is still pencil drawing.

Tip of the Month

Have you thought about starting your own private drawing journal?

By journal, I mean sketchbook.

I use mine to draw in and to make a note of any great tips that I'm likely to forget down the track.

When I go through my book, I have a lot of grateful moments that I've thought to record all this.

While I'm reading professional art books, I love to draw in my journal as I travel through the pages, exploring all the tips they divulge and experimenting along the way.

If you do this, the self-satisfaction will be great for you.

Plus, eventually, your own personal style will emerge from this form of practice.

Write down (in your journal) what different techniques you have used for each drawing. It makes an interesting reference later on.

Thank you,, for taking the time out of your day to read this issue.

Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback you'd like to share.

Until next month, I wish you happy days,

with best wishes


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