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Let's Go Upside Down!
November 21, 2007

Learning to draw can be a frustrating experience.

I think I was lucky, because one of the first things I tried when I started, was to do drawings upside down.

It taught me to recognize that magical "shift" that happens in your brain when you do this exercise.

Plus, and this is the biggest plus of all, it showed me that I can draw.

Even though I had no clue what I was drawing!

I was so impressed with my efforts that it gave me enough ammunition to plow on, regardless of whether I was doing well or not.

If you're keen on learning to draw, don't let anything deter you. Try as many exercises and use as many drawing tips as you can. Eventually you'll discover what works for you.

This is a personal trek you are making, so you can take as long as you want or need.

In the end, you only have to please you.

What's New at

I have been accepted as an affiliate for eBay. I am very excited about this additional benefit for my site.

I'd love to hear from you if you get your hands on a real bargain.

I bought an art book - The Practice & Science Of Drawing, Learn How To Draw! - for USD$5. Being in Australia, it's easier for me to buy digital delivery items so I don't have to pay exorbitant delivery prices.

I was so delighted to receive a bonus book (that wasn't advertised). It was a thank you for buying the book.

The bonus book is a very old art book. It's amazing what you learn from those. I'm sure all of the old tips are lost as we move along. This stuff is like gold to me. Don't worry, I'll pass on what I learn, without a doubt!


Use the drawing technique described here to introduce more intrigue into your drawings. This is something I'm definitely going to use more often.

Black and White Drawings

You all know this tip because I featured it in a previous newsletter. I like to share everything I know so I hope you don't mind.

All of the following tips lead you towards learning to draw what you see.

Upside Down Drawing

I go into detail about upside down drawing on this page. I'm a big fan of this drawing trick.

Negative Space

Upside down drawing and negative space go hand in hand, so I've explained all about negative space here. I used a dwarf drawing and a turtle drawing as examples.

How To Make A Viewfinder

You'll find the instructions on making your own viewfinder on this page.

It's easy to do and good for experimentation.

Blind Contour Drawing

This is the most significant article on learning to draw what you see. Be sure to take part in this activity. I promise it's fun!

Tip of the Month

This tip is courtesy of Andrew from Australia:-

Put your favorite music on softly in the background while you are drawing. Music reaches the right side of your brain - your creative side.

Therefore, music encourages the right side of the brain into creativity.

Andrew said it definitely works for him.

I'm grateful for this tip and I'm going to try it out. Usually when I'm drawing, I don't hear anything! It'll be an interesting experiment.

Thanks, Andrew! It was very kind of you to write in.

If you have a good tip that you use consistently and it works for you, I'd love to hear about it so I can share it here.

Thank you,, for taking the time out of your busy day to read this issue.

I hope you've gained something from it.

You can simply reply to this email if you have any feedback you'd like to share.

Let's go play that music!

with best wishes


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