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[Drawing] Easy Sketches
October 06, 2018

If you had to write out a to-do list for today, comprising of a maximum 10 items, where would you place 'drawing time'?

It's either last or it doesn't even make the list, right?

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the busy-ness of life, we think we have to get everything done or else our world will crash and burn!

Well, this week I vowed to draw everyday but first I had to just let go of all the demands I was placing upon myself. I desperately needed to feel the peace that drawing offers me.

Right, so now I've set the intention to draw, let's go!

Easy Landscape Sketch

I used my favorite 2B mechanical pencil, held in a writing grip. I stayed with familiar habits to avoid reluctance, procrastination or excuses. This drawing took just a few minutes.

After I completed the image above, immediately I felt rested (even rejuvenated!) and I had the impetus to keep going.

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The Best Online Drawing Books

Here's a (small) list of e-books that I used to teach myself to draw.
These books have a money-back guarantee which is important because you may not like the same ones that suited me.

Drawing Supplies

When you're ready to add more details to your drawings, check out a basic selection of drawing tools that can make a distinct difference to your artwork.

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Drawing Tip

Practice dividing a single line into a half, a quarter and a third. This helps you to become familiar with creating equal distances without measuring.

This skill is then used to build up a realistic image by starting with the largest shape and then divide it into sections (however many you want to do) by placing little marks at regular intervals.

Now use these marked segments to figure out how things (in the picture) relate to each other by their size and shape.

This method of basic structure gives you an easy way to manage proportion in your drawings.

, thanks so much for taking the time to read this issue, I really appreciate it.

Kerry Sig
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"Don't count the days, make the days count." - Mohammad Ali
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