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[Drawing] and Copying Styles
March 07, 2018

2017 passed by in a crazy blur and I truly apologize for not staying in touch with you during that time. Thankfully, it's over so let's get straight into discussing our favorite pastime!

It's a good thing we don't lose our drawing skills when we can't practice daily, isn't it? You may lose a bit of confidence (like I did) but once you get back into the swing of drawing, it comes back in no time.

To kick off 2018, there's a new page added to the website about minimalistic-style drawing.

I think beginner artists really thrive once they learn how to illustrate any subject with very few lines and that's a great starting point where you plot and plan your growth as an artist.

Find what interests you the most and follow that instinct. If you feel any anxiousness or distaste for something that you're advised or instructed to do – then that is clearly NOT your path!

Notice and monitor your reactions as you view my latest drawings. By tuning into your gut feelings, you're taking an active part in following your desires and discovering how you really prefer to create your images.

Handy Links

The Best Online Drawing Books

See the (small) list of digital resources that I used to teach myself to draw on a limited budget.
These books have a money-back guarantee which is important because we each have a different learn to draw path and you may not like the same ones. I only list books that contain valuable information, to save you the time searching.

Drawing Supplies

When you're ready to add more details to your drawings, check out a basic selection of drawing tools that can make a distinct difference to your artwork.

Keep In Touch

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Valuable Drawing Tip

If you have a small notepad (around 4 inches or so), use it to quickly sketch various objects, nature or people - - anything! The sketches don't have to be accurate so just fill it up and then start another.

These little notebooks cost next to nothing so they're perfect to carry around and use for strengthening your drawing skills. Throw them away if you want to, it doesn't matter so long as you get that practice in place.

The consistency of your hand moving a pencil around on paper boosts your confidence and you'll definitely notice the difference next time you take time out to draw a dedicated subject.

, thanks so much for using your precious time to read this issue, I really appreciate your companionship.

Kerry Sig
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"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden
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