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You're Never Too Old!
May 21, 2007

When is it too late to start drawing?

I've heard people in their 30's saying they are too old to start now. Gee, I was even thinking that myself but it didn't stop that driving desire I had to be able to draw.

It wasn't until my job was made redundant that I actually had the opportunity and the time to start drawing.

Do you believe "Everything happens for a reason?"

At the time of misfortune, it's hard to see any good coming out of it. In hindsight, I can see that every bit of adversity that I have experienced in my lifetime, has always had a positive side.

I was devastated when I had to give up the job I loved. But, look at me now! Drawing to my heart's content. Who'd have thought? I am so grateful for this opportunity.

This month, I decided to draw a picture as a birthday gift for my sister.

I really enjoyed doing something different. I draw individual subjects for my site, not a drawing with a foreground, middle and background. I experimented doing landscapes and also copying the Master - Rembrandt. It's been a revelation, let me say!

I think I learnt a lot by copying some of Rembrandt's drawings. There's no better way of learning than by doing, not by looking.

I am amazed that I was able to draw them. I suppose in a year's time I probably won't think they are that good. But, I look at them now and I'd be happy to hang them in my home.

Actually, one of them mustn't have been too bad, my sister couldn't decide between a copy of Rembrandt's "Studies of Saskia" and an old barn drawing. If you're curious, she took the barn!

By raising the bar a little each week, you stay within your capabilities and improve over time.

What's New at

I've been wanting to do some dog drawings for some time. Animals aren't as easy as nature drawings but we all need challenges to make life interesting, don't you think?

These dogs were great fun to draw.

I did other drawings that didn't make the cut but I wouldn't consider throwing them away. They'll come in handy for something, someday. Gee, now I'm starting to sound like my Mum!

I finally put up a Sitemap. This has links to every single page that exists on my site and you can find it all on this one handy page.

Let me know what you think!

I started a page about Drawing Books and Resources.

I list every book or resource that I personally buy. If I don't like anything, I won't list it because I'll be returning it myself!

Tip of the Month

If you are going to draw a landscape picture, draw light outlines of shapes on your paper first.

This helps you to work out where you want everything to go and to give the drawing perspective.

The light outlines allow you to erase easily and it won't leave marks.

You could also draw your subjects in a rough format, cut them out and arrange them on your paper to see where you prefer them to be.

This method will give you an overview of how your picture will turn out, without wasting time drawing and erasing.

Thank you,, for taking the time out of your day to read this issue.

Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback you'd like to share.

Until next month, have fun sketching!

with best wishes


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