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Dog Drawings

These dog drawings are a small selection of the huge range that we have at our disposal for illustration of this lovely animal.

Cocker Spaniel Drawing

I decided to do some popular breeds that seem to be the most common.

I enlarged the drawing of the Cocker Spaniel a little so you can see it better and now it's blurred, sorry, I have a tendency to draw small sometimes!

I found lightly sketching in the outline helped me get off to a good start. You can erase any number of times until you feel satisfied with the resulting image.

It might also help you to draw in a rough border on your paper so you can draw within the confines of those lines. Put some marks inside of the border where the top, bottom, front and back of the dog should be - that practice helps you with placement and proportion.

Drawing Of A Dog's Head

I showed my family all of my dog illustrations and I used their favorite selections on this page.

I was surprised they all liked this one of just a dog's head.

My sister commented that shading sure does make a difference and that certainly got me to thinking about how to further enhance my artwork.

Most of my drawings at that stage were all pure outline as I practiced, so maybe she was happy to see me progress onto shading for a change.

Experience Different Drawing Methods

Great Dane Dog Drawing

Dog drawings can be a lot of fun. The best time to sketch your pet is when it is sleeping.

To kick start this project, try sketching the outline using square blocks.

Visualize the shape of the dog - the face would be a triangle, the neck a cylinder and so on.

I like to try out all different things to help me in my quest to draw.

I hope you enjoy these beginner illustrations, if I can do it, so can you - try copying them at your leisure and be surprised by your results.

Doggie Facts:

You won't need all of this information when you start creating dog drawings, but sometimes a little bit of background info doesn't hurt.

Collie Drawing
  • Canine is another word for dog.
  • A Purebred has parents of the same breed.
  • Pedigree means there is a record of a purebred's ancestors.
  • Crossbred has parents of a different breed.
  • Litter refers to new born puppies.
  • A whelp is a puppy that hasn't been weaned.
  • A bitch is an adult female dog.
  • Dachshund Dog Drawing
  • A mongrel, or a mutt, is of mixed breeds and it's difficult to identify one particular breed.
  • This is the most popular pet worldwide.
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Doggie Facts (continued):

  • They vary greatly in size, different breeds have different characteristics.
  • They have four toes on each foot. On the front feet, there is an extra toe called a dewclaw.
  • Most dogs have 2 coats, an outer and undercoat. The outer coat, called guard hair, protects the dog from rain and snow. The fluffy undercoat keeps the dog warm. They shed this coat in late spring and it grows back in autumn.
  • Their long, stiff whiskers act as sensitive touch organs.
  • Dogs are fully grown between 8 months and 2 years old, depending on the size and breed. They live to about 12 to 15 years old. Once a dog turns 2, each year is equal to 4 or 5 of our years.
  • People have dogs for all sorts of reasons. They are good to guard you and your property and they can be used to assist with hunting and herding.
  • German Shepherd Drawing
  • In my opinion, the biggest plus for is that they are excellent companions.

This German shepherd drawing is the least favorite of my dog drawings and that's a shame because I think they are a lovely pet when they're properly cared for.

I grew up with a German Shepherd and she was beautiful inside and out.

I'll have to do another one because I have a soft spot for them. I know with every drawing I do, it will be an improvement on the last one.

In this creation that I copied from a book, I tried to incorporate cross-hatching for the first time - I quite like the effect but I need to practice more with it.

If you are very interested in this topic, then you will succeed with illustrating it successfully.

If you have no desire to draw dogs, then don't push yourself to try it because that reluctant sensation may deter you from drawing permanently.

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