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[Drawing] Meditation
October 21, 2013

I was pondering about what kind of useful information I could share with you this month when (fortunately) a revelation occurred during my regular Sunday visiting time with my beautiful Mum and sisters.

It all started when my eldest sister complained that she had no peace of mind. I don't like to see anyone struggle or be unhappy so it prompted me to share a way that I can find tranquility in an instant. Drawing is a huge influence in my life so naturally it was related to that!

My sister enjoys sketching but she has a fairly demanding family life and not much time for herself. However, as soon as I mentioned picking up a pencil, that caught her interest and she paid attention...

The quickest way to achieve a peaceful state is to do a drawing exercise using your non-dominant hand. I am right-handed so my left (non-dominant) hand is sadly neglected.

It really doesn't matter what subject you choose to draw but I always begin with shapes like triangles, squares, circles and stars. I don't have to think about it, I just start drawing them left-handed.

What happens next is the analytical portion (left side) of your brain can't handle the confusion of trying to get a comfortable grip on the pencil as well as awkwardly trying to draw a shape. The right (creative) side has no choice but to take over the task once the left brain gives up. Seriously, you can instantly feel the calmness washing over you.

When I came home, I was still thinking about our conversation so I did some experimenting just to reaffirm that it works (self-doubt is a silly thing!).

**Read more and see my astounding results...**

Drawing Tip of the Month

Teach yourself not to watch the pencil point, instead, you need to focus on the arrival point to ultimately achieve good images.

There are many instances where this practice is used. For example, when driving, you shouldn't watch the road directly in front of the car, you need to look ahead to keep safe. Another example is that of a carpenter who doesn't watch the hammer head, instead he concentrates on the head of the nail for optimum results.

In other words, you will have more success in drawing if you learn to look ahead to the spot where you want a pencil stroke to end.

There is at least one instance where this rule doesn't apply and that is when you go over good lines, your focus does need to be on the pencil point at that time.

Handy Links

Find some good online drawing books that I bought to help me learn, practice and improve. They all have a money-back guarantee which is fantastic because the books I like may not necessarily be the same ones you like.

If you have any drawing questions, please visit the frequently asked questions page to find your answers.

Drawing is a very economical hobby - see the few basic supplies needed to get started.

Are we connected on Facebook yet? Please join with me, I'd love your company.

, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this issue.

Until next time, I wish you many creative days!

Kerry Sig
How To Sketch book

"Knowledge is created by the learner, not given by the teacher." - Unknown
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