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[Drawing] With Grids - Good or Bad?
August 21, 2012

Drawing With Grids

I guess there will always be differing opinions about using a grid to create artwork. I quite enjoy the wonderful results I achieve from grids but thankfully I don't have to rely on them to produce all of my drawings.

We can learn from grids but by the same token, they can be a trap. Please be aware that it is only a tool that helps you learn and make sure it is not the only thing you depend upon.

I compiled a quick list of advantages and disadvantages so you can make a good decision about what you want to achieve.

These are only my thoughts about grids so please apply the usual rule to always do what you want to do!

If you do insist on using a grid, try the following steps after a drawing session just to test how much your skills improved...
  • Sketch the same subject without the grid straight away.

  • You may use a border with the same dimensions to give yourself some kind of guideline to work within.
I found that exercise very useful because it showed me that I didn't depend entirely on gridlines to create a reasonable image and it gave me the freedom and encouragement to continue exploring art without restrictions.

Using a grid can provide that defining moment when you discover it is quite possible that you can draw.

My defining moment came when I completed an upside-down drawing. I was absolutely amazed that I could identify the image when I turned it right side up. From that point on, I was hooked and I knew it was very possible to teach myself to draw.

Did you have a defining moment?

Best Buy Of The Month

Outline Ebook I recently published my second drawing book illustrating "How To Draw Outlines".

I'm pretty excited about that but guess what else?
...It is only 99 cents!

Before I go any further, can I tell you a secret?

...I used an Author name so I am actually Kate Berry!

The price tag makes you think it doesn't have much to offer but it has 40 pages full of great tips and many images.

It is available on for use on a Kindle reader. I don't own a Kindle or any reading device but Amazon make the process very simple and the books are accessible to everyone, pain free.

You can read more about the book on my website where you'll also find links to Free Kindle readers.

I used to take a whole bag of art books with me whenever I went away from home and now I only need my laptop computer with the free Kindle.

I'm pretty happy with the content of this book, it isn't overwhelming and that is a huge advantage for trainee artists. Get this first bit right (mastering outlines) and you won't need me anymore!

The price allows everyone to learn and your support helps me to continue growing the website which is my little way of thanking you.

What's New at

Updated page:
  • Grid Drawing -
    Find more detailed instruction on how to make and use grids as well as some alternatives that are available to you.

Drawing Tip of the Month

How well do you know your pencil?

Here's a wonderful exercise that helps you explore and discover its magic...

On a clean sheet of paper, work out how many different marks and shapes you can make. For example, use straight, wavy or circular lines and also try squiggles and overlapping lines.

Next, experiment with the pencil tip, press hard to make thicker lines and then release pressure to draw softly.

Doing this exercise regularly will introduce many different effects to your drawing repertoire. It helps you become more creative and the benefits are never-ending.

You won't be stuck with knowing just one type of line and the use of these kinds of marks make your sketches a lot more interesting!

Handy Links

These are the online drawing books that I bought to help me learn, practice and improve. They all have a money-back guarantee which is fantastic because the books I like may not necessarily be the same books you like.

Visit the frequently asked questions page to find solutions to common problems.

This is a very economical hobby, see the few basic supplies you need to get started.

Join in and connect with All About Drawings on Facebook.

, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this issue.

Until next time, I hope you share many joyful creative days with me!

from Kerry.
How To Sketch book

"If you really want something you can figure out how to make it happen." - Cher

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