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[Drawing] Videos
April 18, 2011

I used to avoid watching videos on my computer because they were painfully slow. Now that I am getting some extra broadband speed, I have had a lovely time finding some great pencil drawing tutorials.

It's a work in progress as I sift through to find the really good videos but for now I have added some to my site that you might like.

Established or confident artists create the videos so you will more than likely learn from them.

If you do like to watch videos, simply click here to find the free drawing lessons on my site. I realize videos aren't for everyone but it's great to have so many choices of drawing resources.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy watching these drawing lessons as much as I did.

Oh, and I am going to say they are free - and they truly are!

I get a little nervous now when I introduce free things because after last month's newsletter, I was accused of being part of a scam. For some reason, the person thought the "Drawing Made Easy" newsletter was not free as I had promised. I can only assume they made a mistake because I have asked around and everyone else is getting the free drawing lessons by email, as I do. I can honestly tell you I was fairly devastated to be accused of scamming.

If you regret signing up for a particular newsletter and you want to stop receiving it, there should always be an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of that email.

What's New at

Free Drawing Lessons
This is the main page to announce my pick of the best videos.
There is one video on this page that shows you how to hold your pencil to produce a rough sketch.

Landscape Drawing Lessons
There are 5 videos on this page and I got a lot of pleasure from viewing them.

Portrait Drawing Lessons
At this stage, there are only 2 videos but I'll let you know as soon as more are added.

A New Art Book

I reviewed another portrait drawing product that has recently hit the market. It is by the same author of "Learn Portrait Drawing in 7 days" with the same attention to detail.
The end result is not a photocopy of a photo, it's a graphite drawing with character.
If you want to know some more, just click here to read my review.

Important Announcement
It seems our lives get busier by the minute so rather than contribute to your over-crowded Inbox, this newsletter will now be delivered every 2 months rather than monthly.
I hope that suits you more.
In the interim, if you have some spare time, you can always catch up on the back issues.

Tip of the Month

When you start learning to draw, try to forget about achieving perfection.

If you take a loose approach from the very beginning, you quickly gain more confidence and you can ease yourself into drawing seriously.

If you don't draw at all because you are too embarrassed to look at the hard copy of your efforts, then don't draw in a sketchbook - try drawing in sand or on envelopes and anything that you are going to throw away.

It is recommended to keep your drawings from the beginning but if this idea helps you to get started, then do it!

Handy Links

Here is a small selection of online art books that I have personally bought and reviewed. There is a lot of rubbish out there so I compiled this list to reduce the risks for you and they all carry a money back guarantee. Bargain!

For common drawing questions, please visit the frequently asked questions page.

Drawing is a very economical hobby. Check the drawing supplies page which describes the materials you need to get started.

The Drawings Blog shows you the last 30 pages to be added to the site.

, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this issue.

I am sending you warm wishes for a very happy Easter.

Until next time, have many happy creative days!

How To Sketch book

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein

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