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Free Drawing Lessons

I have found some great free drawing lessons on video that can help all budding artists! It's pretty exciting to have such a wonderful selection of resources.

You are shown how to achieve effects in many various ways - it only takes a little bit of your time and you learn heaps. Youtube is a gold mine of information sharing - it just takes a while to find the really good ones.

By providing a selection here, my aim is to save you time and get right into practicing these valuable tips.

How To Draw Anything

The first free drawing lesson is an important one from artist Larry Gluck. He shows you how to hold your pencil and then build a sketch. It will take some practice to do this but it certainly helped me for a start.

The main object is to learn how to lay in a rough sketch which lays the foundation for illustrations.

If you have a dial up or slower Internet connection, click on the pause button after starting the video and let it load all the way so the video plays through without any problems.

Pause the tutorial whenever you wish so you can copy each step.

Duration: 10 minutes
Recommendation: Sound On

By the way, Larry (the artist) is left handed. So, if you are right handed, place the pencil in the palm of your left hand and pick it up with your right as he shows in the video.

It might be a bit easier to use a stick of charcoal when you practice this method. I initially used a pencil and still learned from it, so it's really up to you.

Larry shows you a light and loose way of sketching as well as how to judge dimensions between items in a sketch. He shares lots of wise advise in just under 10 minutes!

When you first do something different, it is always a bit challenging and it's quite normal to feel frustrated. All you have to do is keep practicing and pretty soon you'll be used to it.

I really enjoyed experimenting this way and I hope you find the same value. It will improve your skills, regardless.

Watch these videos over and over again, it really is amazing how quickly we forget important tips.

When you're ready to move on, pick the topic that appeals to you the most:

Landscape Drawing Lessons -
In my opinion, these are absolutely priceless. Find some fantastic videos that include how to draw clouds, the ocean and the beach.

Portrait drawing -
These drawing videos show different styles but each one is valuable.

We are so lucky to have a resource like the internet at our disposal, some of us are visual and some like reading so we really get the best of both worlds.

I hope you enjoy this selection of free drawing lessons as much as I do.

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Easy Cartoon Drawings

Free Drawing Lessons Bonus

This video from Christopher Hart is a fine example of playing with lines to find true lines.

He shows no fear of making mistakes, it's clearly good fun as he just lets that pencil glide across the paper.

You can draw this in under 5 minutes! It's very likely you'll get a good representation of the subject and you'll enjoy a nice satisfied feeling of accomplishment.

Draw along with the video and then draw it again, without referencing the video or the previous drawing. Great outline for doodling or scribbling.

Duration: 4 minutes 26 seconds
Recommendation: Sound On

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