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[Drawing] Repeatedly
December 09, 2016

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter as well as your continued support and interest in drawing. Thank you also for your patience waiting for this edition - I offer no excuses for my tardiness but I hope you forgive me all the same.

I'd like to thank those of you who wrote to say they missed receiving my emails, that was very nice, thank you.

When we learn to do anything, we are continuously advised that we "have to practice" to succeed. Do you find that's a turn-off?

I had to ask you that because when I hear those words, a heap of excuses (about lack of time) spring to my mind. So now I'm thinking that terminology is more of a repellent rather than the wise advice it really is.

The profound meaning behind the word 'practice' boils down to one basic premise and that is:

"Repetition is the magic law of learning".

So now I wonder if it'd make any difference to you if I simply said "Draw and repeat that process often"? Does it invoke a different response in you?

I feel as though it's left up to me if I want to draw or not, whereas "you must practice" feels like a warning and I just don't like being bossed around! :)

I quickly did this latest experiment using a duck as my subject (it took a minute or 2) and you can see the results here. By clicking that link, you'll also see the drawings that proved to me how repetition is such a bonus time-wise and experience-wise.

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The Best Online Drawing Books

Here's a small list of digital resources that I used to teach myself to draw on a limited budget.
These books have a money-back guarantee which is important because we each have a different learn to draw path and you may not like the same ones. I simply list books that contain valuable information, to save you some time searching.

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When you're ready to add more details to your drawings, check out the whole selection of drawing tools that can make a distinct difference to your artwork.

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Drawing Tip of the Month

Today I'm reminding you of an old tip because I received an email from Nadia who told me about a technique that finally gave her the breakthrough she needed.

Nadia said that learning to draw was an uphill battle until she drew a guideline down the center of the page. Suddenly, it was easier to break the image down and focus on one small portion at a time!

It was this tactic that made Nadia realize she was previously being overwhelmed by looking at the whole object.

I'm always thrilled to hear about breakthroughs and it's usually something so simple that we overlook or don't even bother testing out.

So if you're having any problems in a certain area, browse through the drawing tips and play!

, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this issue.

I appreciate your company and support, thank you! I hope you enjoy the Christmas season and I wish you much laughter and happiness always.

Kerry Sig
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