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Build A Habit By Practicing
February 20, 2007

Welcome to Sketchy News!

From the time I decided I was going to teach myself to draw, my life has taken so many different turns.

For a start, I never imagined I'd have my own website. What an interesting journey that has been!

By practicing whenever I can, I continually surprise myself with what I can draw. I saw a picture that I liked at my Mum's place one day so I quickly did a thumbnail sketch in my notebook that I carry with me. I was so surprised that the quick sketch turned out so well. I was able to copy it and put more detail on it, once I got home.

Learning to draw is a gradual process and that's why the surprise element exists.

The one thing I can't do, is, I can't draw from my imagination. My husband disagrees as he has played Pictionary with me.

Pictionary is a great, fun game where you draw the clue for your partner. Your partner has to guess a specific word from the drawing. The drawing and the answer must be completed within a timeframe.

I haven't played it for a long time but gee, we had some fun with lots of laughter.

Now that I look back on that, it was probably by playing this game that my interest in drawing came alive.

What's New at

The latest page to be added to the site is Animal Pencil Drawings. Pop in and take a look. I hope the simplicity of each drawing inspires you to pick up your pencil and do some sketching. You'll learn a little bit about Australian animals while you are there.

Those drawings were all done with a mechanical pencil using a 2B lead. How easy does it get?

If you haven't visited the site for a while, the last few pages are:

Drawing Tips and Articles - browse through these drawing tips and drawing articles to pick up techniques that just might suit you to a tee.

The first article on this page is Easy Drawings - The Real Secret. Did you know if you copy easy drawings that you are on your way to becoming a competent artist?

Plus, an article on Pencil Drawing As A Pastime.

These christmas drawings were the first ones that came to my mind when I thought about doing some christmas sketches.

I was approaching doing cat drawings with a lot of trepidation!

Tip of the Month

Everybody uses different tools to help them achieve a certain "look" with their drawings. I am always looking for new tools that suit me.

So far, I have accumulated cotton Q-tips, tissues, a make-up sponge, a blending stump and different types of erasers. The kneaded eraser is definitely my favorite. It can also be used to highlight areas of your drawing.

Anytime you come across anything that you think would give a certain texture to your drawing, have a go and try it out. Don't forget to drop me a line if you have a beauty.

I am forever experimenting. That is half the fun with teaching yourself to draw.

Thank you,, for taking the time out of your busy schedule and reading this issue.

I hope all is well in your world. I'd love to hear from you if you get a chance. You can reply to this email or you can contact me via this link.

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