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Christmas Drawings

Draw Christmas Bows

These Christmas drawings are simple examples to use in your arts and crafts projects for the festive season.

I spent many years thinking I could not draw so I didn't even attempt to draw - isn't that sad? Now that I'm older, I know that it's possible to do anything if I set my mind to it and the same applies to you. Don't ever listen to anyone who says you can't do something.

As you look at these drawings, take particular notice of their simple lines -- is it possible that you can draw them, too? I am sure that you can!

My first choice in this simple line up was to create a Santa Claus drawing - there are 2 on this page.

This is a simple outline of a Santa Claus face, he will look great on your homemade Christmas cards. Even if you trace the outline, that small action is one step in the right direction to seeing how to draw things for yourself.

Santa Claus Outline
Candycane Drawing

When I was first learning to draw, I looked for the simplest illustrations or pictures so I could copy them with a fair degree of success.

This was a way of encouragement for me to continue to be the hobby artist that I envisaged for myself.

Christmas Stocking Drawing

More easy Christmas drawings that I think I can achieve are a star, a reindeer, a snowman, and some bells.

Everything is looking ok, so next I moved on to doing some tree decorations, a santa hat and a candy cane.

The outline of a Christmas tree is about as easy as you can get - it is further down the page so keep scrolling.

Some other things that we can draw at this special time of year are stockings and presents.

All of these items are symbols of Christmas.

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What Is The Meaning of Christmas?

Santa Hat Drawing

It is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Special church services are held.

People decorate their homes and under an adorned tree you find lots of presents for loved ones.

The story comes from the New Testament in the Bible.

According to the written word, an angel appeared to shepherds outside Bethlehem and told them about the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Star Drawing

The wise men (also known as Magi) followed a bright star that led them to Jesus.

That is the reason why we place a star at the top of a tree, it is very symbolic.

Christmas Present Drawing

Saint Nicholas became the symbol of gift giving around the year 1100.

Decorating trees and sending cards only became popular in the 1800's.

Many well known Christmas Carols were composed at this time too.

Santa Claus Drawing

Santa Claus replaced St. Nicholas as the symbol of gift giving. In Australia, Santa Claus is also known as St. Nick.

Christmas is also spelt as Xmas and that is because the Greek letter 'X' is the first letter of Christ's name.

Christmas Holly Drawing

If you hang a sprig of Mistletoe, the person standing under the Mistletoe may be kissed.

Mistletoe has dark leaves with white berries.

Holly has glossy leaves with red berries.

Children hang stockings on Christmas eve so Santa can fill them with presents.

Most families gather together and share in a big feast on Christmas Day.


Traditional colors are red and green.

  • Green represents the continuance of life throughout the winter and the Christian belief in eternal life through Christ.
  • Red symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed at his Crucifixion.

Christmas Drawing Ideas

See more of my drawings of Christmas and some extra drawing pictures for additional choices of this popular topic.

Christmas Tree Outline

All of these Christmas drawings were done with a mechanical pencil holding a 2B lead. I guess you've figured out by now that it is my favorite pencil!

Drawing these simple images was thoroughly enjoyable, there's nothing like the spirit of this meaningful time of year and the feelings it invokes.

You can use any of these Christmas drawings to embellish upon and it is even a great idea to make your own cards - wouldn't that make such a special touch?

I wish you and your family a very Happy Festive Season!

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