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A Medley of Drawings

by Jim Leming
(Issaquah, WA)

1. ...Midnight At The Oasis...

1. ...Midnight At The Oasis...

1. ...Midnight At The Oasis...
2. Me 'n My Boy!
3. ...A Trip Down Memory Two-Lane Blacktop...

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Drawing #1
Midnight at the Oasis
Well, I finally managed to get back on the treadmill to produce a medley of drawings for you.

And having said that, please view at your leisure a sample of life in an Arab tent.

Having just seen her lounging around I find myself wanting to say, "Hey Lady, get up off your fat asp and get to work!" (...but I can't...)

Drawing #2
Me 'n My Boy!

A wonderful reunion after 40 plus years will make the hardest heart twinge with wonder. Then you take whatever time you have and start to compare notes. Before you know it, you realize that there are some VERY striking similarities!!

Drawing #3
...A Trip Down Memory Two-Lane Blacktop...

Once upon a Chevrolet, I had a '57 Ford Fairlane, not totally unlike the one shown here... Except for the motor, body style and added pieces! In short... "din' look like nothing like dis' mang..."

Note from Kerry:
Hi Jim!
You still amaze me with your incredible talent for tiny detail.

I love the one of you and your boy, it sounds like the reunion went very well and for that I am so pleased for you.

All 3 drawings are brilliant and they make an interesting medley of drawings, to say the least. (Hope you don't mind them all being on the one page - new rules - and together I think they look fantastic!)

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