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Fantasy Drawings

Here are some fantasy drawings that will take you on a tour through fantasy land! Just follow the path of your imagination when you see these fairyland drawings to get ideas for creating more of your own.

Bat Drawing

You'll have to stay alert to make sure you don't miss any of those little sprites dancing around. Oh, and be sure to duck when anything happens to fly past or over you! Don't you just love make-believe?

Dragon Head Drawing

Fantasy drawings come from somewhere within you. My first sketches here are pretty ordinary but this is new ground I'm breaking into - my imagination is sadly underworked. It's never too late to start, every day is a new beginning so you and I have a lot to look forward to.

Progressively, I can add more black and white fantasy drawings as I continue practicing and exploring.

Fables, Legends and Myths

Dragon Castle Drawing

Fantasies are defined as stories that happen in an imaginary land. I think we all carry a little bit of our childhood with us when we remember the mystical magic of fantasy land.

Fairy tales are a result of someone's imagination because they are generally too good or too bad to be true!

When you daydream, you are creating your very own fantasy.

I often imagine what kind of fictional picture I can produce and, for some reason, I always envisage a castle to be a part of the drawing.

In my mind, castles and dragons go together to create a mystical image but what do you like to see in yours?

Butterfly image
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The How To Sketch Guide

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Tree Sketch

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Now In Paperback!


I had fun experimenting and doing some more castle artwork if you're interested in taking a look.

When I think back on medieval times, it appears to be shrouded in mystery so it's a great topic to research and find extra inspiration.

The Mystery Of Fantasia

I think more mystery is added when fantasy drawings are created in simple black and white. That's personal opinion because I am addicted to pencil drawing, so don't mind me.

Add a few squiggles here and there to give the appearance of objects or trees and just experiment with your pencil. This is where the fun comes in and it doesn't have to be exact.

These sketches were done quickly but it's entertaining working out what to put in the picture and how to draw a dragon.

Fantasy Dragon Drawing

I decided to use a fairly bleak landscape for this picture.

The dragon scares anyone or anything away and the birds have decided not to hang around as well.

If you were asked to draw fantasy, what's the first thing that springs to your mind?

It's a good idea to write your ideas down so you can implement them in future sketches. It is amazing how fast ideas can come and go from our minds!

All of these examples were created in my first year of drawing and while they are not fantastic, it shows you that anything is possible if you just try!

I use a mechanical pencil and I mostly use photocopy paper for all experimental work so I don't have any worries about ruining a good sketchbook.

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