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Bird Drawings

Bird drawings created with a graphite pencil probably don't do much justice to pretty colored birds but there is still a lot of beauty to be found in black and white illustrations.

Chicken Drawing

The line drawings here show how to simplify and draw a bird.

Try copying the outline of this chicken - it's very basic and only takes a minute to produce a good looking image.

Simply study the chicken first and see if you can identify the shapes to help you produce the outline. For example, I drew this one by seeing the body as a circle and triangles for the neck and head.

Ensure these initial lines are indicated very lightly so you can draw over the top of them while still using them as guidelines.

Once those basic shapes are down, you've then established a great foundation to build upon.

Now only a little more study is required to finish it off. Note the deviations from your foundation and add those curves where applicable.

I hope you agree that this is a fast, easy bird drawing to complete.

In Australia, chickens are given the Aussie slang term of chooks - that's just a bit of trivia for you!

Chicken Drawing

Things To Know

If you want to be successful with bird drawings, it always helps to have some understanding about the subject.


  • have feathers and wings.
  • hatch from eggs which are all similar in shape but vary in size and color.
  • don't have teeth, they have a beak.
  • sing beautifully.
  • seek food in the day and sleep at night. An owl is one exception and does the opposite.
  • are so colorful, they can be breathtaking. (I think they were created for artists!)
Canary Drawing

There are over 8,000 kinds of birds but no specific type can be found in every corner of the world. A barn owl is the most common bird, world-wide.

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My Bird Drawings

Each artist uses a different method to draw. For me, I like to copy freehand but if a subject looks a bit tougher, I'm not too proud to use something like the measure and mark method to help me along.

In my early drawing days, it took me three attempts to produce this pelican drawing.

Pelican Drawing

It was an interesting exercise so I'll share what happened.

I was happy with the first one I drew and I couldn't see anything wrong with it until I drew a second one.

I realized I hadn't examined the reference picture properly so it was a matter of looking closer to improve the second time around.

When I drew a third pelican, I realized the neck still wasn't right in the 2nd one, even though I was quite pleased with it.

It was a great learning experience so when you have the time, practice this repetitive action and you come to know what to look for when comparing a reference picture to your sketch.

Woodpecker Drawing

Here is a busy woodpecker making a hole for his nest in a dead tree.

He thoughtfully uses the wood chips for lining.

There are lots of different types of nests for every bird variety.

I was able to complete this sketch in my first year of being a hobby artist. It is amazing what such an accomplishment does for your self confidence!

I was just starting to tinker with adding effects and more detail so I applied stippling to the hole to give the perception of 'pecking'.

Swan Drawing

This drawing of a swan is very basic and perfect for beginner artist practice.

The water and reflection are simple pencil marks that tell a story and make the image more credible.

Swans are graceful waterbirds and their long neck comes in handy for them to feed on underwater plants.

See how you go copying this swan by simple observation. For some assistance, just mark the height and width on your paper. I have every confidence you can produce good bird drawings.

Seagull Drawing

I thought there would be some degree of difficulty with bird drawing but I was quite mistaken, there weren't any that frustrated me to the point of distraction.

Most of these I drew while sitting in a comfortable lounge chair with a sketchbook on my lap.

I realize I still have a long way to go in learning to draw but so far it's been very enjoyable and I have some nice illustrations. I hope you are getting a good collection together as well.

I really like this seagull drawing, I used stippling for extra effect and it only took a short time to produce.

Every drawing you complete provides a benefit to you, regardless of whether you are aware of that fact, or not.

Just keep practicing and before long you gain a confidence that wasn't there before. Honestly, seeing is believing! I never tire of looking at my drawings and being in complete awe that I actually produced that image. I wish the same experience for you.

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