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Car Drawings

I decided to create some of the more popular car drawings to prove to myself that I could actually do this. A vehicle of any description is not the best subject for beginner artists to tackle but I'm willing to try if you are!

I chose to draw the old favorite Ford Model T -- it was the most popular vehicle for nearly twenty years, a fantastic achievement for Ford.

I found a good picture to copy and I am fairly happy with my results -- crooked lines and all. Since I'm brand new at creating images of any description, I think this is a cool car drawing!

Model T Drawing

If you experiment with the pencils you have available, you will eventually end up with one that feels the best and gives good results. It does take a little while but just be patient and you work out your favorite materials in your own good time.

I used my favorite tool of trade - a mechanical pencil - with a 2B lead.

Keep in mind that B pencils have a softer lead so they are the easiest grade to use when you are learning to draw. An eraser is also a great item to keep handy when you are a trainee artist.

Outlines To Copy

Below is an outline of an ordinary sedan to use as a practice guide. In hindsight, this example is not ideal for beginners because it involves perspective.

Car Outline

When I created the drawing, I was completely ignorant about the complex theory of angles and distance so I simply concentrated on copying outlines to the best of my ability.

As it turns out, it's still a step towards being able to draw satisfactorily because all practice is beneficial.

If you use the borders to estimate where the car sits within the frame, that should get you out of a lot of trouble initially.

As a trainee artist, all of these car outlines were fairly easy for me so I hope you gain the same benefits.

The fact is, you won't know how easy they are unless you have a go!

The next drawing is a simple outline of a racing car. Once you're satisfied with the general shape of your image, you can start adding in some patterns on the side.

Racing Car Outline

All you have to do is to discover that it is possible to draw and you'll never look back. It's one step at a time and drawing will be your faithful friend forever.

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Simple Drawing Tips


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History of Cars

When you learn to draw, you really start to see things for the first time - well, so it seems.

Along with seeing differently, you actually learn all sorts of interesting stuff as you study your next selected topic. That's the reason why I like to give a little bit of history before you start producing car drawings...

We started off with a steam car, then electric and finally they became driven by gasoline.

The modern motor car has come a long way from those early hand made models that very few people could afford. Thank goodness for progress, I just couldn't imagine myself getting around on a horse!

Lincoln Car

Here is a drawing of a 1947 Lincoln Cabriolet.

Drawing of a VW

The Lincoln and the VW were the largest selling imported vehicles.

A VW is affectionately known as 'the beetle' or a 'vee-dub'.

Mass production has meant everyone can afford to run a car now that it's organized on an assembly-line basis.

This increase in popularity has brought about a whole new way of life with motorways and motels to make our trips easier.

Formula One Racing Car

Car racing is a thrilling sport that tests the speed and performance of a vehicle plus the skill and daring of drivers.

A Formula One vehicle has one seat, rear engine, front and rear wings and no roof or fenders.

While you may not be particularly interested in that information right now, it does come in handy should you ever want to draw a racing car.

Making Friends With Mistakes

Learning to draw cars can be exasperating at times but when you draw something really spectacular, you forget about all your failures.

Car Drawing Utility

And you will have failures, every artist does but they're really the best kind of teacher if you ever want to improve.

Keep the mindset that you don't expect perfection from yourself and you'll never be disappointed.

These car drawings were a triumph to me because I didn't think I could draw a stick figure let alone something that resembled a car!

You are welcome to use the simple outlines on this page to help you create some original vehicles.

It doesn't matter if you like to copy directly onto paper or whether you like to trace, either way, you are learning and improving your skills.

It's a good idea to look at your car drawing the next day to pick up any errors that you don't notice while you're involved in the creation. Stay loose and just have fun!

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