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Butterfly Drawings

Copy the simple butterfly drawings on this page with your favorite pencil. Doing this simple little task contributes to your improvement as an artist.

You might say butterflies are more beautiful in color but it's better to learn the basics first and dabble with color sometime later.

It is important to focus on one thing at a time when you learn to draw and a good old pencil is the best medium for you to use. Can you imagine trying to erase color pencil if you make a mistake?

Butterfly Outline

It's a good idea to visualize how you can achieve a similar outcome on paper before you start copying these easy drawings of butterflies. We forget that our minds are powerful but I believe visualizing helps us tremendously (somehow). Freaky, I know, but it's true!

Butterfly Outline In Profile

Look at the simple lines and have a go at copying the outline first, before you try to draw a butterfly complete with all kinds of pencil effects.

Don't give up on your initial drawing attempts with the outline, keep copying, you'll get it right. That's all I did, I kept copying until I was happy with my drawing.

If you struggle to draw both sides equally, it may help to read some tips about symmetrical drawings.

Butterfly Facts

As usual, before you go further into doing a butterfly drawing, it's advantageous to learn a little bit about this subject.

Butterfly Drawing

A butterfly is one of the most beautiful of all insects.

We are charmed by their gorgeous colors and very delicate wings.

You can find butterflies almost anywhere in the world.

A butterfly begins its life as a tiny egg and it hatches into a caterpillar.

The caterpillar sheds and grows a new skin several times.

When it reaches its full size, it forms a protective shell.

Inside this shell, an amazing transformation occurs - the caterpillar becomes a lovely butterfly!

The shell breaks open and the butterfly comes out to find a mate and to produce another generation of butterflies.

Butterflies mainly feed on the nectar of flowers and don't do any harm.

Most adult butterflies live only a week or two, but some species may live up to eighteen months.

The butterfly also plays a part in religious beliefs...

The ancient Greeks believed that the soul left the body after death in the form of a butterfly.

I believe that little snippet to be true! It makes me feel better about continuing with everyday life and that's all that really matters.

Butterfly image
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Be Creative

Ok, now you have some background, start creating simple butterfly drawings. If you wonder how this information could possibly help you draw better, well, it helps to promote inspiration and creativity and all artists ultimately need those things.

Drawing Of A Butterfly

Ask for some feedback on your drawing attempts and let your critics know if you don't want any negative feedback. That's what I do!

Actually, it's a good idea to ask what the viewer likes about your drawing and that way you will only hear positive things.

My family have been fantastic with their encouragement for me to continue drawing and I have found that to be very motivating.

These drawings of butterflies are for you to copy and to feel the wonderful satisfaction that happens when you copy something successfully.

All illustrations on this page were completed in my first year as a hobby artist so if I can do it, so can you! It's amazing what happens when we try.

The butterfly outline below was created in a doodling moment. I derive great pleasure from doodles so if you get a spare moment, give it a whirl to see what you come up with.

Drawing A Butterfly

It's not too bad for something that appeared within minutes.

If I get the opportunity while doodling, I do erase at times to re-draw some wayward lines.

Of course, I didn't use any measuring guides in this butterfly drawing, so it is not quite symmetrical.

I prefer to see little variations like that in all artwork because it has more of a story to tell.

Besides, I like to see what I am capable of producing first, without using any drawing aids.

Butterflies are certainly simple to draw and you can add whatever detail you like to the wing pattern to finish off your butterfly drawing. I hope you have fun with it!

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