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Sketches Of Cars

I struggled a little with my sketches of cars until I discovered a good shortcut that helped me arrive at reasonable images. It simplified the whole drawing process so I thought I'd share it here, in the hope it will benefit you, too.

Hummer Sketch

This is my first attempt at sketching a hummer.

It definitely became easier when I used this little trick that I'm about to reveal to you.

We need to see our subject in an uncomplicated way so we can learn how to draw a car first, without worrying about extra stuff.

The best way to do sketches of cars, is to look directly (straight) at the side-on view thereby eliminating two dimension and three dimension aspects. By removing proportion and dimensions, you have streamlined the task already.

Before we start, find a clear photo or picture that you want to re-create.

Grab your 'working' sketchbook, the one you use to do all different kinds of exercises and go to a new page. First put the date and then make notes to describe the details of this experiment.

A 2B pencil is probably the best grade to use because it can produce light or dark strokes, depending on the pressure you exert. My pencil set contains all different grades and it always has everything I need.

Now, let's break this down into three do-able parts.

  1. Measure the outside of your reference picture and rule up a border with the same dimensions.
  2. Indicate where the vehicle sits within the border with 4 short lines for top, bottom, front and back.
  3. Measure the bonnet (front) and then mark points on your paper in roughly the same position that it sits in the picture.

Make small strokes or dots that you can see.

Place a dot where the bonnet meets the windshield and another where the roof starts. Since we have already designated the height in step 2, these marks allow for the gentle angle of the windshield.

Now place another dot at the opposite end of the roof. Estimate the angle of the rear window and make a mark where it meets with the boot. Make the last measurement which extends to the very rear of the vehicle.

If required, indicate the distance from the bottom of the doors to the ground as well as the height of tyres.

You can make lots of dots until you feel you've got all the points that you need to produce successful sketches of cars. Don't think of this as cheating because you still need to draw your subject! However, it is a shortcut that will save you a lot of time.

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All that's left now, is to have a go at copying the car to the best of your ability. Just look at the reference pic closely and sketch as you see it. You will find that those little marks come in very handy as they cut your work time in half and you have some decent sketches of cars.

Drawing Of A Chevvy

Sometimes, you don't need to go further than just putting down a border with the same dimensions and you can proceed by estimating the distance from each side. Do this lightly, set it out and make sure it fits within the predetermined frame. No one cares if it isn't exact, what matters is that you like what you have produced.

Don't just read this and think you'll remember it - have a go and try it out!

Sedan Sketch

This sedan is my second attempt using some indicators with the added fun of trying to complete it in the shortest amount of time possible.

It looks rough but I will overcome that appearance with consistent practice.

I must point out that my 'sketches' are too neat to be a real sketch. At this early point in my drawing adventure I hadn't yet defined what is a sketch and what is a drawing. I realize I am a neat freak and I have to learn to let go, seriously, just let go!

Multi-Purpose Benefits

You can apply positioning marks to all sorts of subjects - animals, objects, whatever you please. It isn't suitable for all things so if it proves to be more of a hassle and not a help, abandon the idea and find something else to assist you.

It doesn't hurt us to experiment with shortcuts. Some things won't always work but you win because it all results in productive practice.

That's why I'm encouraging you to try this and to adapt it to suit yourself. Ultimately, it gives you more confidence to move on to producing even more great images without assistance of any kind. There is an artistic spirit inside of you that needs to be set free.

Cartoon RV Sketch

When you are creating sketches of cars, the important thing is to make the task as easy as you possibly can.

This is a drawing aid and one day you'll discover that you just won't need it anymore. Everyone learns by taking tiny steps.

It's a great feeling when you can do sketches of cars with ease and all it takes is a little practice.

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