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"I love your Newsletters, they are very inspirational and cover so many different subjects to stimulate the creative mind." Chris

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"I love your website! I'm looking at all the art sites but yours is the best one yet. I signed up to get your sketchy news newsletter, I like them, they have great tips."

"I love drawing animals and your website is the greatest to me, thank you for all the tips on drawing it has really helped. Keep sending me the best tips! Kimberley

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"Hi Kerry, your mail is always welcome, it`s like a rainfall on a dry land." A.

"I love your emails. Your drawing site is great and I always learn something new everytime I visit it. Thank You and Many blessings to you." Marty

"I've subscribed to your website newsletters for some time now, and I can't begin to tell you how inspiring and helpful they are." Angie

"Thank you for sharing your gems you have harvested from all the books you read. Your newsletter and instruction are very beneficial to me. Your efforts are appreciated." D.

"Thanks Kerry, your e-mail has been a real help and a boon for me... You have been encouraging me a lot for the past few months. Thanks once again for this amazing newsletter." R.N.

"I enjoy your letters and All About Drawings, and I do not delete any, I refer to them when needed.
Thank you for such a nice site and encouragement." R.

"Your writings,and acceptance is so encouraging--I love all the information that you include in your site. I look forward to the news letter,and being a part of your community. Thank you," N.

"Thank you very much for all the e-mails, I enjoy getting Sketchy News very much, it is the first thing I read. Thank you again for taking the time to send it." C.

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(George Bernard Shaw)

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