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Another Butterfly

by Sue Bledsoe

Another Color Butterfly

Another Color Butterfly

Another Color Butterfly
At Barre

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Drawing #1- Watercolor Butterfly
This is the first watercolor I created from imagination -- no reference photo.

I spent a lot of time on this and sort of figured up how to make corrections in water color. It came out very colorful. I was proud of this one.

Drawing #2- At Barre
The ballerina is a pencil sketch using a #2 mechanical pencil.

I cannot explain it, but I seem to do better if I start at the bottom. I started with her right foot and went up.

I sent it to Megan (my daughter) for input and she made me correct the pointed foot -- 3 times. But I see how she expected her young ballet students to stand at barre.

I really liked the way this came out except for the skirt. I kept trying to get it right, but I quit when I became afraid I might mess up the whole drawing. I'll come back to it another time.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
Re Drawing #1 - Color Butterfly
I really like this one too, and wow, from your imagination as well? Unreal! I like the way you did the background, it's very effective.

Re Drawing #2 - At Barre
You are right to leave it alone rather than to scrub a hole in the paper by over-erasing. The trick is not to come back to it, rather it is to do another. Besides, skirts can have high and low hems on them nowadays and I didn't pick anything wrong with it!

Sue, on a sidenote, I know it must be disappointing to have the drawings merged into one page but you forgot to add your email address to the 'At Barre' drawing so it really is for the best to have it here so you can be notified when anyone comments.
Plus, the new website rules (not my rules!) is that each page must contain good content, making it worthy viewing for everybody. It's become a real pain but I have to play the game like everyone else.

Thanks for showing me your color butterfly and your ballet drawing, really, both are mighty fine pieces of work. I'm quite proud of you for working with watercolor and finding out for yourself how to use it. That is the spirit of us self-taught artists. Hugs to you!

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