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Artwork by Lauren

by Lauren Sauers
(Wilmington NC)

The Rose In Watercolor

The Rose In Watercolor

The Rose In Watercolor
Monster Doodle
Colored Monster Demon
Let Go

The Rose
I created this rose for just some practice with watercolors. :) It's not really a fully completed piece as u can tell from the background but oh well :)

Click a thumbnail to see individual drawings.

Monster doodle
I did this drawing for something for Halloween :)
I wanted to do something different and from the inspiration my friend zack thought up with me i drew this :)

It's kinda creepy but i like it.... and I had alot of fun.

Colored monster demon
I decided to color the sketch i submitted earlier :) It turned out kinda cool...

I'm getting the hang of that tablet :) haha

Let Go
I should have spent more time on this but whateverr :) I decided to do something a little different this time.... the hair was kinda fun to do :)
Hope u like it !!!!

Note from Kerry:

Hi Lauren
The Rose
This is my favorite! I didn't notice the background wasn't complete until you mentioned it. You know what? I like it just like that!

I didn't really want to add your other work to this page but I had to out of necessity to make it a decent size (website rules - sorry I keep preaching about it but the rules don't change.)

Monster Doodle
I like this one - it's very creative and it looks so cool in pencil. While I admire the colored version, I thought the pencil one was the best of the 2.

Let Go
Nice work! Love the beads and love the little shadow you have put on them. I'm glad you enjoyed doing the hair because it turned out fantastic!

Lauren, I did receive your email wondering why your artwork isn't on the site (along with similar emails from several others). Please be patient, your work goes into a queue and I try to do them all in date sequence.

However, in saying that... if a drawing comes in along with a great story and I don't have to do much editing to it, well, I will put it up because it doesn't take as long to do.

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