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Ballerina Sketches

by Sue Bledsoe

Taking a Bow

Taking a Bow

Taking a Bow
En Pose
Long Stretch

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Ballerinas, Ballerinas... by Sue

(These sketches have all been enlarged which reduces picture quality.)

The first sketch and the next one I did while waiting for an oil change on Mahlon's car that ended up costing $500. (It needed 2 new tires).

The diva taking a bow took me about 45 minutes. They are very small in my sketch book (about 3 inches high) and I used a #2-- .5 mil mechanical pencil. Hands are the hardest. The detail does not come through on the picture too well, but I was pleased over all.

The second sketch took about 20 minutes. Same materials and it is also small. I did it on the same page of my sketch book. I sent them to Megan for a critique but she either did not get them or is afraid to answer. I choose to live in the fantasy that she did not get them. Even though it looks simple enough, it was actually a bit confusing when I got to her head (did I tell you that I tend to start at the bottom?).

I picked up a very small calendar at Michael's and decided to work my way through it.

I used a #2 mechanical pencil (.5mil) on all of them and did not spend a lot of time on any of them. But I really like the way they turned out.

I have completed 5 and 7 to go. They are fun to do and I have a great sense of accomplishment when I finish one.

I quit sending them to Megan for a critique because she really liked that critiquing way too much.

I can see where I have come quite a long way since I started drawing (of course, I have a long way to go), but I finally understand what "sketching" really is.

I hope this works out ok.
Thanks. Sue

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
Yes! This is the drawing style of yours that I really like. You are a great sketch artist and it is obviously a strength of yours.

It makes me really happy to know you are enjoying sketching! I know you have my How To Sketch guide so I'd like you to re-read the part where it explains how to use your pencil for measuring. Once you practice that, you won't have any more problems with proportion. Actually, you did really well on all of them and I know I'd be very pleased if I did them.

The sketch entitled "long stretch" must have been really hard to do considering the pose and I admire you gave it a good shot. It looks to be a little awkward and I'm not sure if that's the pose or if it is out of proportion. Measuring by pencil will help you overcome those little moments when you become unsure. Well, that's what I do so I'm just passing on what works for me. If you don't feel like doing that, by all means just ignore me - I do tend to waffle!

You have created a wonderful page for my site, thank you! I could just hug you for going to so much trouble and for writing really interesting, good stories!

I enjoy the fact that you start your sketch wherever the mood strikes you to start. I must admit, I tend to do the same thing -- I don't put any thought into it, I just start sketching!

I also think it's great that you are loving your mechanical pencil, the same as I do.

p.s. I thought I had seen the last sketch once before so I did a little search and found it on this page. I'm leaving it on this page as well, because it all fits together nicely here.

p.p.s. I am having problems with our home electricity at the moment so I will try to upload another of your pages tomorrow, after it gets fixed... fingers crossed.

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