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Beginning to End

by Arish

From the beginning to the end

From the beginning to the end

From the beginning to the end

This work shows the different stages of human life.From birth to death.Each leaf represents various stages of life.

The tender leaves represent childhood.

The second pair of leaves show the teenage.

The third pair of leaves stand for youth.

The fourth pair denotes the middle age and the last pair symbolize the old age.

The background signifies the colourful world we live in.

A man goes back to his childhood when he is getting old.The similarity in the colour of leaves in the childhood and old age reflects this.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Arish,
This is simply beautiful! Thank you for adding the meaning - it makes a lot of difference and we can appreciate the thought behind the piece. I can't really explain how truly impressed I am with your artwork.

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