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by Briana

10th birthday (2 yrs ago)

10th birthday (2 yrs ago)

10th birthday (2 yrs ago)

I'm twelve years old and I've dreamt of becoming a famous author since first grade. I want to illustrate my books too, but i don't know if I'm any good.

So i was thinking that I'd post some of my drawings here so I can see what other people think. I may suck, but please don't judge me too harshly, I'm only 12, prone to having complexes, and a chronic worrywort.:P

I recently took a week long art class in Govenors school (a summer program for the academicaly advanced).

I've been working on a fantasy novel called Tales of The Island for about two and a half years. My hero is J.K. Rowling.

***Note from Kerry:
Hello Briana and welcome!

You are in the right place, we don't do harsh criticism here. If an artist asks for a critique, everyone does their best to give advice on how or where improvement can be made. Usually, the answer is simply a matter of time and practice, us artists can be very impatient waiting for improvement in our work.

Your entry called "rebirth" about the Phoenix bird doesn't have an image with it either, in case you are wondering what happened to it. Would you like to try uploading it again, please Briana?

By the way, I love your name, we have a Briana in my family and she is beautiful too.

***EDITED*** to add picture, Briana wrote:
This is a pic i would like you to add to my page, please. its not the best one, but i dont have any better ones on my PC right now. This is 2 years ago, my tenth birthday. I'm holding a Judy Blume book.

(Thank you very much Briana, it makes such a difference to us when we know who we're talking to and who's work we are admiring. You're a sweetie for sending this in.)

Here are links to some of your drawings:



***Edited August 2010:
Kerry, please change my pictures. This is my 12th birthday and my little brothers 4th. I was to do a silly pose so I did the rockstar thing. my little sister put bunny ears over my head, lol.

(Thanks Briana! They are great pics, I love the one of you opening your pressies, you are lovely.)

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